Yanmar Compact Equipment Promoting Maintenance Kits

Yanmar Compact Equipment is promoting its maintenance kits for simple and convenient service interval maintenance of Yanmar machines.

Available for all current and many legacy models, the maintenance kits are available exclusively through Yanmar Compact Equipment dealers and come personalized with items such as filters and fluids for Yanmar mini excavators, wheel loaders and tracked carriers. All of the included components are genuine Yanmar OEM parts, ensuring customers can achieve the best possible machine performance and longevity.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for Yanmar Compact Equipment operators to keep their equipment running smoothly through routine maintenance,” says Jeff Pate, director of sales for Yanmar Compact Equipment North America. “These maintenance kits not only provide a convenient option to help customers keep up with service intervals, the use of OEM parts can also reduce the life cycle cost of the equipment.”

Yanmar’s maintenance kits provide customers the option to buy a single box from a Yanmar CE dealer rather than spending the time trying to find individual filters and fluids separately. “This minimizes downtimes and allows operators to get back to work faster,” notes the company.

Yanmar offers maintenance kits with and without oil for each model. Each kit is based on what the machine’s manual recommends for a particular unit, with variations on hydraulic service, filters and fluids. Included components are are tested and recommended by Yanmar for maximum performance and machine life.

Here’s an example of a Yanmar Maintenance Kit:

KIT-EX001 (services EX2900, 3200)
  • Engine Oil Filter
  • Fuel Filter
  • Fuel Separator
  • Transmission Fluid Filter
  • Air Filter Inner
  • Air Filter Outer
  • HST Fluid Filter
  • Yanmar Engine Oil – QT (x5)

Yanmar Maintenance Kits are available exclusively through Yanmar’s dealer network.


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