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The OPE industry grows and evolves because of the dedication of dealers, manufacturers, suppliers and service providers nationwide. We want to award the best of us all, and we have created two awards programs to help us celebrate. And we need you to nominate OPE industry leaders. You can nominate yourself or a co-worker for either of these awards – the OPE Business 40 Under 40 Award, and the OPE Business Movers & Shakers Award. Let’s get ready to celebrate.  

40 Under 40

We want to recognize the hard-working young leaders of today and tomorrow. These under-age-40 professionals are driving growth and innovation where they work and helping the outdoor power equipment industry realize its best opportunities.  

The OPE Business 40 Under 40 Award celebrates 40 people in the OPE industry who are under 40 years old and are doing amazing work. The award winners work in dealerships, in technology, in services, and in manufacturing; this award program is open to all who work in the OPE industry. Nominated by their peers and chosen by our staff, the professionals honored here are driving improvements in sales, customer service, marketing and technology, engineering, and more. They’re helping grow the industry locally and nationally. And we need your help finding and recognizing them.  

40 Under 40 Award Details  

Winners must be under 40 years old on Nov. 5, 2023 – that’s the start of our OPE Dealer Forum conference and awards celebration. We accept nominations from peers and from potential winners themselves.  

Award criteria is largely subjective; but you know a leader when you see one, and we do too. The 40 Under 40 Award recipients are innovators, solving problems with new ideas, strategies and tactics. They are relentless, with a work ethic that sets an example. They are helpful, working unselfishly beyond their own job title and description. And they are promoters, helping advance the OPE industry for future growth and opportunities.  

Movers & Shakers

The OPE Business Movers & Shakers Awards recognizes professionals in the OPE industry who lead with vision and influence to move the industry forward. In the past year, these leaders have embraced the challenges facing the industry, they’ve taken the opportunity to rethink the way they do business, and they’ve managed teams to success. Winners of this prestigious award span across business in the OPE industry – including manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, dealers or others.  

Movers & Shakers Award Details 

Winners of this Movers & Shakers award are leading people and teams to success, whether in sales, service, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, you name it. “Success” might be an objective outcome, goals focused, or it might be more subjective, resulting in a process improvement, a design direction, or a cultural change. 

Nomination Process

You can nominate yourself, a friend, or a co-worker by sharing a bit of information. Most importantly, we want to know why you think this person deserves to be recognized as an OPE Business 40 Under 40 Award winner. In a paragraph or two, tell us about the candidate’s outstanding work. What does the person do that we should know about? Why are they a winner?  

Then we need the basics of who, what, where. Tell us the nominee’s name, age (on Nov. 5, 2023), job title, place of work, city and state. Finally, we need contact info for you and the award nominee – email address and phone number.  You can nominate Movers & Shakers on this form. And nominate 40 Under 40 on this form.

Selection and Presentation 


OPE Business staff will gather and review the nominations for both the 40 Under 40 and the Movers & Shakers, then make final selections in early September. We look forward to awarding the winners in person at our OPE Business Dealer Forum in Dallas on Nov. 5. We will also share the stories of each winner in our magazine, online, and in podcasts.  

While presenting the awards is the grand finale and celebration of this program, the process is the heart of it. We are eager to hear from you, to receive nominations and learn more about the people shaping the OPE industry of tomorrow. 

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