Loftness debuts Stump Ax stump grinder


Loftness has added a stump grinder attachment – the Stump Ax – to the Minnesota-based company’s line of vegetation-management equipment. Compatible with skid steers, compact track loaders and excavators, the Stump Ax is engineered for high productivity and superior control.

Featuring a rigid mount, the Stump Ax offers a practical, reliable design capable of working faster than articulating stump grinder attachments by simply repositioning the power unit instead of swinging the cutting wheel, the company states. It features an angled hitch and forward-reaching boom designed to provide the operator exceptional visibility and control.

The Loftness Stump Ax integrates the Phantom Stump Grinder Wheel with Tomahawk Teeth from Leonardi Manufacturing, highly regarded for its high strength and fast cutting performance. The Phantom Wheel also features cut-outs to create a see-through effect for improved visibility. A chain deflector provides excellent containment of wood chips.

A 200cc high-torque radial piston motor on the Stump Ax is compatible with power units that have 30- to 60-gallon-per-minute hydraulic flow ratings. A reversible design allows the motor to be mounted either forward- or rear-facing.

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