Kawasaki Reveals 2024 Mule Lineup

Kawasaki recently introduced an updated 2024 Mule UTV lineup featuring a larger displacement Kawasaki-built 999cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke parallel-twin engine that reportedly produces more torque and a higher top speed. The new UTVs also feature Kawasaki’s first self-leveling suspension that adjusts to help keep the vehicle level when fully loaded.

This new engine is tuned for increased torque in the low-to-mid rpm range. It uses electronic fuel injection and a new air intake feeding a larger air filter. The belt-drive CVT transmission uses a separate intake with a mesh cover to help filter out rocks and dirt. The vehicle’s dual-wall exhaust pipe features a sandwich-type heat cover that helps minimize heat build-up in the engine compartment, as well as a large silencer to help quiet engine operation.

Mule 1000 Models

The Mule Pro-FX 1000 HD, Mule Pro-FXT 1000 LE Ranch Edition, and Mule Pro-FXT 1000 Platinum Ranch Edition models feature Kawasaki’s first self-leveling suspension that helps keep the vehicle level when carrying a heavy load. The system uses the mechanical energy of the shock action to pump the oil as the vehicle is moving. It’s automatic and require no electronic systems; the normal suspension movement over a regular road surface provides sufficient pumping action to level the vehicle.

The Mule’s wide-body chassis allows shoulder and legroom for three adults to sit side-by-side with the six-passenger Mule Pro-FXT 1000 able to accommodate three more passengers in the rear. On select models, the front bench seat features contoured seating for the driver and right-side passenger, while the center position is flat. The Mule Pro-FXT 1000 features a rear bench seat positioned slightly higher than the front seats, contributing to passenger comfort and allowing them to see down the trail. This model also incorporates Kawasaki’s exclusive 3-to 6-passenger Trans Cab system. In three-passenger mode, the vehicle’s cargo bed stretches to 42.7 in. long and has a load capacity of 1,000 lbs. When the cargo bed is in six-passenger configuration, it measures 22.0 in. long with a load capacity of 350 lbs.

Doors are a standard feature on all Mule Pro 1000 models, offering mud protection while facilitating getting in and out of the vehicle. A simple latch allows the doors to be opened and closed. Also standard on each of the models is a plastic roof, offering passengers protection from elements while out riding and contributing to a high-class image.


The new Mule’s also feature electric power steering, digital instrumentation, and a tilt steering wheel, among other features. Several color options are available, including camo. Kawasaki also offers a wide range of accessory items for its Mule vehicles to enhance both work and play opportunities, including winch kits, LED highlights, bed lift kits, audio systems, and more. Suggested retail pricing runs from $16,599 to $23,399.

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