Milwaukee announces OPE tool expansion

Milwaukee recently announced several new or updated tools, several of which are not available until early 2024. The line includes equipment for consumer and commercial users, as well as updated batteries and chargers. In the OPE lineup, Milwaukee showed 12 new tools, including:

Milwaukee M18 battery charger
Milwaukee Super Charger dual-battery charger.

M18 Dual Bay Simultaneous Super Charger (Available Sept. 2023, MSRP of $249)

Milwaukee says this battery charger delivers up to 6X faster charging to 80%, helping reduce downtime throughout the day. In just 15 minutes, users can charge an M18 XC6.0 battery to 80%. This Super Charger is capable of simultaneously charging up to two batteries, while leveraging the CHARGE ADAPT Adaptive Charge Distribution to distribute power between bays for maximized productivity. The charger uses Milwaukee’s Active Cooling System, a feature works with M18™ batteries that have COOL-CYCLE™ capability. The charger features REDLINK Intelligence and communicates directly with your battery to monitor cell voltage, temperature, and charge status to optimize the performance and maximize the life of the pack. This charger is compatible with all M18™ Batteries.

Milwaukee telescoping saw
Milwaukee Fuel Telescoping Pole Saw

M18 Fuel Telescoping Pole Saw (Available Nov. 2023, MSRP of $799)

The M18 Fuel Telescoping Pole Saw provides users with 2.4HP peak power, allowing users to take on demanding cutting applications and provide users with 13 ft. of reach. As the pull has the highest chain speed, professionals are able to make cuts up to 50% faster than the leading gas competitor, according to Milwaukee. Users are able to pick up and quickly start the telescoping pole saw without dealing with pull starts, emissions, mixing oil and gas, routine engine maintenance, and high noise levels.

Milwaukee string trimmer
Milwaukee Fuel Dual-Battery String Trimmer.

M18 Fuel 17-in. Dual Battery String Trimmer (Available Jan. 2024, MSRP of $699)

The M18 Fuel Dual Battery 17-in. String Trimmer use a brushless motor and advanced electronic package to allow the string trimmer to reach full throttle in under one second, boosting control and productivity. With Redlink Plus Intelligence, the trimmer has total system communication between the tool and battery for unmatched levels of performance, protection, and productivity. An advanced electronic package also delivers instant throttle response, high and low speeds, and a variable speed trigger giving you ultimate control over the power range. The tool’s Easy Load Trimmer Head provides an easy line loading experience and the ability to load up to 25 ft. of trimmer line in under 30 seconds.

Milwaukee blower
The Milwaukee Fuel Dual-Battery Backpack Blower.

M18 Fuel Dual Battery Backpack Blower (Available Jan. 2024, MSRP TBA)

The M18 FUEL™ Dual Battery Backpack Blower is designed for the professional, delivering a higher blowing force than up to 60cc gas. The backpack blower reaches full throttle of 650 CFM and 155 MPH in under one second, boosting productivity and control. The blower requires at least two M18™ Red Lithium batteries for operation, while providing two additional batteries terminals to extend runtime. This battery set-up allows the operator to adjust the number of batteries for either lighter weight in quicker clean ups or more runtime in extended clearing applications. This adjustable battery configuration combined with a fully adjustable harness, mode select, telescoping nozzle, variable speed trigger, and low noise level of just 62dB(A) allow the blower to adapt to all the operator’s needs when using. The M18 Fuel Dual Battery Backpack Blower is part of the M18™ System, fully compatible with more than 250 solutions.

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