Yakta Joins OPE Dealer Forum as Platinum Sponsor

OPE Business is excited to welcome Yakta to OPE Business Dealer Forum 2023 as the platinum sponsor of this business conference. Since 1988, Yakta has been making, selling, and servicing innovative outdoor power equipment, and is expanding its offering with a new zero-turn mower, to be introduced at this year’s Equip Expo.

The company has a passion for creating high-quality products and offering unbeatable support to dealers stands in perfect alignment with the overall vision of Dealer Forum. This fall, Yakta will join top OPE dealers from across the country at the Dealer Forum to continue driving the conversation of what’s next in our industry.


OPE Business editor Glenn Hansen recently talked with Yakta CEO and Founder Andrew Firth about bringing the new product to market, and how the company plans to work with independent OPE dealers.

OPE Business: How important is it for you as a manufacturer to have good relationships with independent dealers?

Andrew Firth: We’re getting into OPE because we are focused on good dealer relationships. We see this as an opportunity because we can do it better. At Yakta, we have a big focus to help bring leads to dealers, and to help the dealer close them. We won’t push products on a dealer at the wrong place or price. And we won’t have overcomplicated warranty programs that favor the manufacturer.

This all sounds good, right, but we will have problems. Everyone does, and how we respond will set us apart. Good communication is one of the most important parts of the dealer business relationship.

OPE Biz: If you’re actively recruiting new dealers, what are the two or three main benefits (beyond product features) your brand offers to dealers?

Firth: The overall value of Yakta, No. 1, is that we stand behind you and back you up for success. We will protect your reputation as a dealer. No. 2, it’s a partnership. I’m interested in delivering high-quality products to your store, and in making your customers happy.

We’re not a start up. We know manufacturing and all that goes along with it. We have final prototypes in testing, and we’ll show those products at Equip Expo.

Look for more information about Yakta products, and it origin story, in OPE Business soon.

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