Simplicity and Snapper to cease tractor production

Briggs & Stratton sent a statement to OPE Business regarding its Simplicity and Snapper tractor offerings. It reads in full:

Simplicity to end production of tractors in North America.
Briggs & Stratton announced it will cease production of Simplicity (pictured) and Snapper tractors and zero-turns in North America.

Due to a multi-year market decline for the tractor segment in North America, we will no longer offer Simplicity and Snapper tractors in North America. As such, we’ve discontinued the production of four Simplicity and Snapper zero-turns. We will continue to support warranty, parts, service and attachments.

Ferris Continues

Briggs & Stratton offers a full range of zero-turn mowers in our Ferris brand at multiple price points for residential and commercial markets. We’ll work with our customers to transition them to a Ferris zero-turn equivalent.

Simplicity and Snapper brands will remain active in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia due to their continued popularity.

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