Stihl showcases new mowers at Equip Expo

Stihl debuted its new line of battery-powered zero-turn mowers at Equip Expo, with Chris Keffer, Stihl Inc. President and CEO, calling this a “pivotal moment.” Keffer, addressing a group of journalists and dealers at Equip Expo, said, “homeowners have already adopted batteries.” He added that commercial buyers have to consider more factors, including charging needs and initial cost investments. “Stihl is a dual-technology leader,” said Keffer, reminding the battery-hesitant that gas-powered tools aren’t going away anytime soon. And before introducing the new battery-powered equipment, Keffer thanked the power-equipment dealers in the crowd. “We wouldn’t be here without you,” he said.

Stihl Keffer CEO
Chris Keffer, president and CEO of Stihl Inc. addresses an Equip Expo audience.

We will post more of our sit-down interview with Keffer soon. In the meantime, here is the more of the company’s new product news.

Stihl RZA battery-powered mowers

The Stihl 700 series battery-powered zero-turn mowers include three models: RZA 748, RZA 752 and RZA 760. Each one uses a built-in 24 kWh battery that gives a claimed speed of 16 mph and a run time up to eight hours. With evolving OPE gas regulations, Stihl says that professional users can experience all the eco-friendly benefits of battery, such as reduced noise, no exhaust emissions, and zero fuel, allowing them to operate in towns, school districts, and other entities that have adopted zero exhaust emissions equipment regulations.

Stihl 700-series battery zero-turn mower
Stihl introduced the 700 series battery-powered zero-turn mowers.

These new mowers feature adjustable, commercial-grade suspension seat with armrests. The machines’ intelligent drive systems allow users to maintain peak driving performance and comfort on various terrains while delivering a quality cut by maintaining constant blade tip speed in tall, thick, wet grass conditions. The machines are also tech-forward with standard 4G/GPS connectivity, a glove-friendly touchscreen display, and USB-A and USB-C charge ports.

“The Stihl RZA 700 Series battery zero-turn mowers are designed and manufactured for all-day commercial use, with constant power that maintains a quality cut,” said Brian Manke, Stihl Inc. product segment manager. “We are excited to offer landscape contractors three additional machines to our growing zero-turn lineup. Whether you want gas or battery, Stihl has an option for you.”

The Stihl RZA 748 (48-in. deck width), Stihl RZA 752 (52-in. deck width), and Stihl RZA 760 (60-in. deck width) battery zero-turn mowers boast heavy-duty mower decks, fabricated with 17 height positions and a cutting height range of 1-5 inches. These mowers offer efficient cutting and mulching with the option to collect grass and leaves with a bagging system. With LED illumination, users get 360-degree high-intensity lighting.

Gasoline-powered products

Along with the new battery-powered products, Stihl also introduced gasoline-powered walk-behind mowers to the U.S. market with four models – RM 655 V, RM 655 VS, RM 655 YS, and RM 756 YC. These models feature an adjustable mono-comfort handlebar that offers direct access to the grass catcher and easily folds for convenient transport and storage. They use a spring-assisted, single-point height adjustment offering seven cutting height options for the operator to choose from.

The RM 655 VS, RM 655 YS and RM 756 YC also feature a blade brake clutch that allows operators to keep the engine running for intermittent stops such as emptying the grass catcher.

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