Yanmar teases new electric tractor

In a corner of the Yanmar America display at Equip Expo, sat an e-tractor concept, roped off like a celebrity that people weren’t sure they could or should approach. The first public appearance of the Yanmar’s electric tractor concept, the vehicle wore dark gray body work with no Yanmar logos visible.


In a release sent before the event, Yanmar highlighted the e-tractor’s “utilization of advanced batteries sourced from Yanmar Group subsidiary Eleo, headquartered in the Netherlands.” Yanmar announced its acquisition of Eleo 18 months ago, saying the company “is renowned for its pioneering battery technology, incorporating proprietary safety and efficiency features.”

Yanmar Eleo electric tractor concept
Yanmar America showed this electric tractor concept designed with Eleo “plug and play” batteries.

At Equip Expo, we spoke with Jon Richardson, Director of Yanmar’s Rural Lifestyle Division. Richardson said the electric tractor is “a couple years out.” He added that Yanmar is targeting “people who don’t need to run all day. It’s not a replacement, but a supplement to an owner’s fleet of equipment.”

I asked Richardson about performance differences between this e-tractor and any of Yanmar’s current fleet. “No vibration, no smell, no noise,” he said.

Eleo says it enables electrification “through hassle-free installation, smart features and a plug & play system … powering the future one battery pack at a time.” The company showcased its modular battery systems at CONEXPO 2023. And it has worked with Yamaha Motors to test an electric motocross bike.

Yanmar America says its prototype e-tractor “represents a significant stride toward sustainable, efficient, and adaptable farming equipment, underscoring Yanmar’s commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility.”

New Compact Loader

Meanwhile, Yanmar America also showcased, at Equip Expo, the TL100VS compact track loader — the first machine in its new compact track loader line. Yanmar designed the loader specifically for the construction, utility and rental industries.

Yanmar compact loader
Yanmar showed its new TL1000VS compact loader to Equip Expo attendees.

The TL100VS is powered by a 103.5 horsepower Tier 4 Final Yanmar diesel engine. Yanmar says it has a 3,780-pound standard operating capacity and 10,800-pound tipping load. 

The new construction-grade loader features a torsion axle suspended undercarriage with a pivot link system at the rear axle. This linkage technology uses a spring load to reduce oscillation and stabilize the machine, helping to improve material retention and ride quality. Additionally, the TL100VS includes large line sizes, hydraulic coolers and direct-drive pumps, transferring more flow and pressure directly to the attachment and reducing power loss.

The TL100VS incorporates Yanmar’s optional SmartAssist telematics from the company’s mini excavator line. Features range from error detection and notification to real-time operational status updates and daily work reports. SmartAssist also includes integrated theft protection, allowing the machine’s owner to set a range from a specific location and trigger an alert if that range is exceeded.

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