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Kress Commercial’s 8-Minute CyberSystem leads the transformation of the lawn care industry

The lawn care industry is undergoing a revolutionary transformation. Hundreds of municipalities have banned various types of gas-powered lawn equipment, and the industry as a whole is facing increasing pressure to make gas-powered commercial equipment obsolete. Your customers – businesses, facilities, municipalities and homeowners – are demanding quieter, greener alternatives. Now that alternative can also save you money.

In the past, technological limitations have made it impossible for the industry to evolve. Landscapers need a viable alternative to gas, without compromising performance or facing costly barriers to transition.

Enter Kress Commercial, whose 8-Minute CyberSystem is redefining the standards of sustainability, productivity and profitability in commercial landscaping.

Kress Commercial’s 8-Minute CyberSystem is not just about meeting regulatory requirements; it’s about exceeding expectations and setting new standards for efficiency and user health benefits.

With a charge time of only eight minutes and mobile charging capabilities, this proprietary battery technology ensures that commercial landscapers maintain uninterrupted operations while significantly reducing their carbon footprint – and gas bill – while the operator enjoys reduced vibrations and zero emissions.

In addition to industry-leading charge times, Kress CyberSystem batteries produce higher power output – equivalent to a 55cc two-stroke engine – and offer longer lifespans – up to 3,000 lifecycles – than traditional lithium-ion batteries. This translates to cost savings for business owners, further demonstrating that sustainability and profitability can coexist without compromise.

Join the revolution with Kress Commercial

The 8-Minute CyberSystem is not just a product; it’s a commitment to a sustainable, productive and profitable tomorrow that no other manufacturer is able to provide.

Commercial landscapers can now be at the forefront of this transformative movement, adopting a solution that not only meets the evolving industry demands, but also propels their businesses into a new era of efficiency and profitability.

Visit kress.com to learn more about how the 8-Minute CyberSystem is shaping the future of commercial landscaping.


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