Sunseeker shows Orion X7 mower

On April 16 in Monroe, N.C., Sunseeker held a new-product launch event for its new Orion X7 wire-free robotic mower. Justin Novosel, the EVP and GM of North American Operations for Sunseeker US, kicked off the event by addressing dealers in attendance about lawn-care technology.


The Orion X7 mower uses wire-free technology and the company’s Navi positioning and navigation system along with a Vision AI System to navigate around obstacles mow a lawn. The mower has oversized tires and an all-wheel drive system to work on steep slopes of up to 35 degrees.

“Experiencing the Orion X7 firsthand was eye-opening. It’s impressive to witness the introduction of a groundbreaking product in this industry, and I can envision it transforming the way we approach lawn care,” said one attendee after the event.

Sunseeker robotic mower

During the event, Sunseeker execs teased the X22 robotic mower which it plans to release soon and market to homeowners with smaller yards. Sunseeker also markets a commercial line of 60V battery-powered equipment.

Sunseeker displayed products at last fall’s Equip Expo event. With U.S. offices in North Carolina, the company is working to establish more power equipment dealers in North America and to build its brand for this market.

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