Mean Green introduces 96-in. electric ZTR

Mean Green announced its new EVO 96 mower, the first wide-area lithium-powered commercial electric mower to feature a 96-in. mulching rear discharge deck. With electronic folding wings, the mower’s width shrinks to 72.5 inches for easy loading and transport. The deck also includes baffles that result in 80% of grass clippings being mulched and 20% being discharged out the rear of the deck, creating a clean and evenly distributed turf appearance.

“The golf and landscape markets are ready for the next massive advancement in a heavy-duty electric-powered mower,” said Michael Hoban, vice president Chore Retails Sales & Distribution at Generac Power Systems, parent company of Mean Green. “We understand the preference for our electric mowers and we’re proud to bring the world’s largest electric zero-turn mover, the Mean Green EVO 96, to market this season.”

The EVO 96 use a 44kWh battery, which can power the unit to mow continuously for up to eight hours. Its lightweight aluminum chassis and deck make it nimble and efficient, and its patented battery location helps the mower achieve hillside stability and precision handling. The EVO 96 is capable of a top speed of up to 13 mph and the patented heavy-duty Impulse Drive System provides industry-leading performance and reliability. Users can adjust turf cut height electronically using the SmartDeck on-board controls, and its patented blade monitoring system creates optimal cut quality and efficiency.

Retail pricing starts at $71,500 at Mean Green dealers. Mean Green supports the EVO 96 with a 5-year limited battery warranty and a 5-year limited mower warranty.

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