Kobelco 17SR ACERA Excavator

Kobelco Construction Machinery America introduced the 17SR ACERA zero-tail-swing compact excavator. The machine delivers digging performance and an adjustable track gauge that gives easy maneuverability in tight spaces without sacrificing stability when working. The 17SR also features a new “Smart Hydraulic System” fueled by three pumps that ensure maximum power for simultaneous lifting, swinging and travel operations, as well as excellent controllability for fine grading.

The Kobelco 17SR features a 15.2-horsepower, three-cylinder, Tier III-certified diesel engine. The machine has a bucket breakout force of 2,900 foot-pounds, and an arm-crowding force of 2,158 foot-pounds. This is an 11-percent increase in total arm and breakout forces. The 17SR also offers a 10-percent increase in swing torque for a total of 310 foot-pounds and a 7.5-percent increase in draw bar pull force.

The 17SR features an in-cab lever, allowing the operator to move between expanded and contracted configurations without leaving the cab. The 17SR’s cab is comfortable and easy to enter because the design requires only a three-post canopy to meet both ROPS and FOPS standards while providing more room for the operator.

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