Bernhard loans system to OTF/OSU turfgrass research

Bernhard loans system to OTF/OSU turfgrass research

Bernhard and Company, manufacturers of Express Duel and Anglemaster reel and bedknife grinders, in cooperation with Reynolds Golf and Turf equipment, have loaned their reel and bedknife grinding system to the OTF/OSU Turfgrass Research and Education Facility. In a unique partnership, the research facility will have the machines available for maintaining the twenty plus cutting units that are used at the facility to mow the research plots.

Photograph: Dr. John Street, Matt Williams, OTF Field Facility Manager, and Ryan Morrison, student employee are pictured in front of the Bernhard and Company reel and bedknife grinders. 

In addition, OSU plans to add cutting unit theory and maintenance to its education program.  Dr. Karl Danneberger, Professor in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science said “Reel and bedknife maintenance is a complicated subject that has an enormous impact on turfgrass quality, our students traditionally have not been exposed to this in the classroom or in the field before they graduate, this donation gives our students the chance to learn the basics of reel sharpening and operation.”

“There are so many uses for grinders in education,” says Stephen Bernhard, owner of Bernhard and Company.  “It is important for students to understand the implications of developing a sharpening program and how it relates to turf health, appearance and playability.

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