Efco MultiMate

 The new Efco MultiMate is a professional multi-attachment system with numerous features that make it extremely easy and comfortable to operate. The MultiMate quickly converts to 5 different tools with Efco’s patented “Rev&Go” attachment system. Simply insert an attachment and twist to lock in place, then press the button to release when you’re finished. Attachments are available to complete a variety of jobs: straight shaft trimmer, curved shaft trimmer, blower, pruner and hedgetrimmer. All attachments feature Efco’s professional performance and have adjustable handles that make them comfortable and easy to operate for all users. The MultiMate also features an innovative handle for increased balance, control and dramatically reduced vibrations, along with an ecologically advanced engine which reduces harmful emissions up to 80 percent and fuel consumption up to 40 percent. All of these brand new features, plus Efco’s “Five Year No Fear” warranty, make this new attachment system the perfect home maintenance tool for homeowners to professional users.

For additional information about the MultiMate or other Efco products, visit www.efcopower.com.

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