E-Z-GO RXV leads the fleet in golf car energy efficiency

A recent independent analysis by utility Southern California Edison (SCE) demonstrated that the E-Z-GO RXV electric golf car, with its innovative AC Drive, full-time regenerative braking and high-frequency PowerWise QE charger, is as much as 39 percent more energy efficient than traditional DC-powered golf cars.

According to SCE’s results, energy efficiency improved by 31 percent to 39 percent with the RXV electric model. The RXV’s AC motor also enabled the vehicle to maintain higher performance than DC-powered vehicles as batteries lose energy over the course of a round.

SCE conducted the test using a test course designed to simulate golf-car usage on an 18-hole golf course. Results from the test course were validated against control tests conducted at actual golf courses. The test was completed at the request of an SCE customer, and after the utility determined that the new technology present in the RXV could provide benefits to the nearly 300 golf courses in its territory, which encompasses 50,000 square miles, with more than 13 million residents, in central and southern California.

“Since many golf courses replace their golf cart fleets every three to five years, the opportunity to invest in more efficient technology could show dramatic impacts in charging efficiency over a relatively short time horizon,” the SCE report stated.

“We are pleased that independent tests continue to confirm that the E-Z-GO RXV represents a substantial improvement in energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint over the traditional golf car,” said Ron Otten, vice president engineering for E-Z-GO, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company. “The RXV was designed and built to break new ground in golf-car and light-transportation technology, and it’s exciting to see our customers recognizing its benefits and the value it provides.”

The RXV electric model requires less energy to charge and operate, minimizing the vehicle’s “carbon footprint” and reducing hazardous waste. And its whisper-quiet motor practically eliminates noise pollution.

“The new RXV has certainly changed how people look at a golf car,” said John Zimmers, superintendent at Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, Penn. “They really thought this out. It’s an amenity, and a game-changer in how people are going to look at a golf-car fleet.”

In addition to the electric RXV’s energy innovations, features, amenities and benefits include:

AC Drive: The RXV’s drive train uses an alternating current motor, not the traditional direct current motor, generating more power and longer operating time between battery charges. The RXV is up to 39 percent more efficient than direct-current golf cars, and its 48-volt technology enables up to a 10 percent improvement in daily range.

Dual-braking system: A parking brake automatically engages when the RXV stops – requiring no foot pedal engagement. The industry-first auto braking system brakes automatically on steep slopes when needed and can easily hold a 40 percent grade. This “drive-by-wire” system maintains constant speeds safely and easily. The system supplies recharge to the batteries whenever brakes are applied, keeping the vehicle on the course longer and reducing long-term operating costs. 

Energy transfer bumpers: The RXV features front, back and side bumpers, positioned to minimize damage by absorbing and transferring energy from impacts into the frame rather than the engine or components.

Warranty: The reliability of the new RXV is backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry – four-year, bumper-to-bumper coverage. E-Z-GO’s batteries are guaranteed to last for four years, 1,200 rounds or 21,500 amp hours – whichever comes first – for 36 holes of golf a day, every day.

Improved golfer experience: The RXV features an automotive-style, A-arm suspension with coil over spring shock providing a smooth, comfortable ride. It also features added storage space while cup and ball holders are within easy reach of driver and passenger. Redesigned hip restraints and thicker foam padding ensure a comfortable ride; a wider canopy prevents rain from dripping inside the vehicle; a larger bag well accommodates today’s biggest golf bags.

Fresh exterior styling: Retaining the classic E-Z-GO look while incorporating up-to-date design elements, the RXV boasts a boldly elegant appearance. Its inviting style makes the RXV as visually appealing as it is enjoyable to drive.

Environmentally friendly operation: The RXV electric model requires less energy to charge and operate, minimizing the vehicle’s “carbon footprint” and reducing hazardous waste. And its whisper quiet engine practically eliminates noise pollution. The RXV’s seats are made from 100-percent recycled foam.

Safety comes first: In addition to the advantages of dual braking and energy transfer bumpers, the RXV has many features designed to keep golfers safe and secure. Its limited slip differential delivers 25 percent better traction and is especially effective on wet or sandy soil. A slip resistant floormat gives golfers firm footing in wet conditions, while the RXV’s canopy has double-wall construction and 50 percent thicker struts.
For more information about the RXV and the entire line of E-Z-GO vehicles for the golf industry, please visit www.ezgo.com


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