Maruyama U.S., Inc. hosts tour of Japan facilities


Imperial Palace Garden visitors, left to right, are Leif Ringstad, Lynn Pesson Jr., Jack Ball, Glenda Pesson, Steve Purdy, Robert Smith and Suzanne Smith.Maruyama U.S., Inc. recently hosted a trip for members of the company’s distributor panel and a new Maruyama dealer to visit its manufacturing and business headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. 

The Maruyama distributor panel members participating on the trip included Jack Ball, sales manager of Tru-Power, Inc., Corona, Calif.; Steve Purdy, president, Oscar Wilson Engines & Parts, O’Fallon, Mo.; and Robert Smith, vice president, Smiths South-Central Sales Company, Springhill, La. The Maruyama dealer accompanying the distributor panel members was Lynn Pesson Jr., president, Southland Engine Company, Inc., Lafayette, La.

“We are honored to have such an esteemed group accept our invitation of appreciation and tour the Maruyama facilities in Japan,” said Leif Ringstad, general manager, Maruyama U.S., Inc. “Each has demonstrated a strong commitment to the Maruyama brand and for that we sincerely thank them.”

The tour included five Maruyama factories all located in the Togane area about 30 miles east of Tokyo. Each factory is responsible for specific product lines and is fully equipped with the latest in manufacturing technologies such as automated and robotic operations and CNC metalworking machinery. A highlight of the trip was a meeting with Mr. Haruo Uchiyama, chairman of Maruyama Manufacturing Company, Inc. During the roundtable meeting, a general but valuable exchange of ideas was discussed for the future direction of Maruyama in the North America market. A full day of sightseeing in Tokyo and an excursion to the top of sacred Mt. Fuji was also on the agenda.

“The factory tour simply reconfirms my confidence in Maruyama’s capability to produce high-quality equipment to meet our demands now and in the future,” said Robert Smith. “The level of detail and overall sophistication of the Maruyama manufacturing process is something I’d not seen before. This is a first-class operation.”

Added Lynn Pesson Jr., “As a new Maruyama dealer, I was excited to have the chance to meet the management team in Japan and see the manufacturing operation firsthand. There’s no doubt about Maruyama’s obvious passion for quality and their commitment to be one of the top 2-cycle manufacturers in the world. I’m very impressed how the company makes fast decisions and implements needed improvements. I’m very excited about our future with Maruyama products in our showrooms. With the Maruyama EFORCE 2-cycle engine, horsepower-to-weight ratio is back!”

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