Rotary announces award winners


L.W. Bush, middle, vice president of purchasing for Rotary, receives The Duke Award from Rotary President Ed Nelson, right, and Jerry Cox, left, Rotary’s vice president of sales.Rotary Corporation recently revealed the winners of several awards that it presented at its national sales meeting.

The Duke Award, which was established in honor of the company’s late founder, Duke Harvey, was given to longtime employee L.W. Bush, vice president of purchasing, for outstanding leadership and performance. Specifically, Bush received the honor for consistently displaying both competitive and positive business approaches to enhance the growth of Rotary.

Rotary also recognized several employees for outstanding performance in sales and leadership. Jim Anderson and Walter Smith were co-recipients of the Salesman of the Year Award for exhibiting superior salesmanship, while Ed Schmitt was presented the Sales Department Award for illustrating the requirements of a “model” sales representative.

Schmitt was also among eight individuals to receive a Top Gun Award, which recognizes sales representatives for consistently displaying both competitive and positive approaches to the growth of the company’s dealer business. Other Top Gun winners were Clark Baum, Rodney Collins, Sid Cox, Gordon Howes, Robert Huff, Jim Looper and Gerald Sturgis.

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 Jim Anderson, right
 Sid Cox, right


 Walter Smith, right
 Gordon Howes, right


 Ed Schmitt, left
 Robert Huff, right


 Clark Baum, left
 Jim Looper, right



 Rodney Collins, right
 Gerald Sturgis, right

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