Oregon PowerSharp precision sharpening system

Chain saw users now have the ability to sharpen their chain in a matter of seconds with a simple-to-use attachment that is part of the PowerSharp precision sharpening system. The newest innovation in the Oregon line of outdoor products, PowerSharp is designed and manufactured by Blount, Inc. The patent-pending system includes the PowerSharp chain, the PowerSharp bar-mount sharpener, and the PowerSharp guide bar. Working together, these components provide a fast, simple, and portable method for sharpening saw chain with precision.
Scheduled to roll out in the United States this May, and throughout Europe later in 2010, PowerSharp will be sold at home improvement stores, hardware retailers, and by servicing dealers. With the PowerSharp starter kit priced at an affordable MSRP of $75 to $80, and bundled replacement components priced between $35 and $43, PowerSharp is time saving and affordable.
For more information, visit www.powersharp.com


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