Newest version of Ideal business software is now available

Ideal Computer Systems, which provides business management software for outdoor power equipment dealers, announced the release of Ideal 7.0 – its most powerful software to date – on April 20. This version includes the ability to Schedule Appointments, view Key Performance Indicators on a mobile device, and finance deals with a fully integrated Finance and Insurance (F&I) package.

“We’ve taken the leading business management software in our industry and just made it even better with the release of Ideal 7.0,” said Dennis Haefner, president of Ideal Computer Systems.  “With the ability to schedule all of your daily appointments and view daily metrics on a mobile device, we’ve immediately saved drastic amounts of time and improved efficiency for the dealer.”

By utilizing some of the new features included in Ideal 7.0, dealers will be able to do the following:

Streamline their process for scheduling Work Orders, pickups, and deliveries.
Plan automated routes for pickups and deliveries.
Keep tabs on key performance indicators of their business via mobile device from any location.

In addition, Ideal 7.0 now includes an optional, fully integrated F&I package for OPE dealers wanting to finance their own unit sales. The F&I package is loaded with money-making features, including an exclusive Menu Selling Option feature that allows dealers to provide several different plans and payment options for their customers to work with.

“For anyone who uses F&I, or is looking to introduce it to their business, our new F&I module is an excellent fit,” said Haefner. “We spent several months working with F&I specialists to make sure this package was the very best for dealer success.”     

For more information about Ideal 7.0, you can request a free demo and information kit today by calling (800) 737-1620 or visiting

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