c-Systems Software makes two announcements

On April 20, c-Systems Software, Inc., made two important announcements. The Arlington, Texas-based company said it is set to release the new CODIS-Access interface, which will allow its customers to order parts directly from central distributors through their business management system. Second, in preparation for the impending Payment Card Industry Data Security Compliance program updates, c-Systems announced it has completed the necessary software changes.

“CODIS is the real deal, and it’s going to grow,” said Mark Matthews, Enterprise product development manager. “It’s going to be big.”

The CODIS interface will streamline the process of ordering from distributors and manufacturers, as well as reduce common keying mistakes. Users will be able to perform stock inquiries, check orders and more from within their business system.

Nearly 100 of c-Systems’ dealers had access to the CODIS interface since the beginning of April during a brief pre-release period. The rest of c-Systems’ customers will have access after the company’s general release at the end of April.

Distributors interfacing with CODIS include AES LawnParts, Atlantic Power Inc., Central Power Systems, Dixie Sales Co., Engine Warehouse Inc., Engines Southwest, Gardner, Magneto Power, Medart Engine/Marine, MWE, PES, Power Source Canada, Preferred Power, RBI and SEDCO.

As for the second announcement, X-Charge will soon release its versions 7.1 and Open Integration to meet compliance codes – effective July 1, 2010 – that prohibit the use of third-party applications from processing payments or storing cardholder information. Consequently, c-Systems has already updated its software to allow customers to swipe debit and credit cards under the updated code requirements.

Visa began implementing these mandates in January 2008 to prevent card information theft. The Payment Card Industry also mandates that certain software might need to be validated by an assessor.

For more information about c-Systems Software, visit its Web site at www.csystemssoftware.com.

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