SnowEx introduces two new wirelessly controlled spreaders

SnowEx introduced the new SR-110 and SR-210 utility spreaders. These compact units are equipped with wireless controls, which eliminate the need to route an electrical harness to the cab and allow simple plug-and-play operation. Both models attach to a variety of vehicles, including pickups, SUVs, cars, utility vehicles and ATVs. These spreaders provide an ideal option for anyone, from new and established contractors to estate owners and property managers.

The SR-110 and SR-210 both feature a 3-cubic-foot capacity hopper. The pocket-sized wireless remote controls the rate of the two-speed spinner and toggles the electric motor on and off. The SR-210 spreads up to a 25-foot range. It features a vertical high-flow auger that works in conjunction with the spinner and allows the unit to spread bulk materials, such as bagged rock salt or calcium flakes, whereas the SR-110 spreads material up to a 20-foot range and uses a gate feed system, allowing it to handle small calcium chloride pellets or bagged ice melters. The SR-110 includes a cable to open and close the gate from the cab.

An electric motor drives the spreaders—meaning no engines to fuel and no pulleys, sprockets, belts or chains to maintain. The patented low-maintenance, dual 12-volt electric drive/maximum torque transmission system is completely sealed within a weather-resistant enclosure. The motor receives power from a standard 7-pin trailer plug.

As with the entire SnowEx line, both models feature a modular, powder-coated steel frame with a high-density, UV-protected poly hopper. The poly construction eliminates the corrosion concerns and regular maintenance commonly associated with steel-built alternatives. Furthermore, the poly hopper is up to 40 percent lighter than similar capacity steel spreaders, allowing the SR-110 or SR-210 to be easily carried and mounted.

The new spreaders come standard with a two-inch receiver mount, but pivot, trailer, 3-point, utility and drop utility mounts are also available. Additional options include a weather cover for preventing moisture contamination in the hopper and a 20-foot gate cable for vehicles that require more than the standard 10-foot cable (SR-110 only).

All SnowEx spreaders include an industry-leading two-year parts and labor warranty.

SnowEx is a product division of TrynEx International. Other TrynEx brands include TurfEx turf care equipment and SweepEx broom attachments. For more information, visit

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