Portable generator manufacturers form trade association

The major U.S. manufacturers of portable generators announced July 8 that they have joined forces to create the Portable Generator Manufacturers Association (PGMA).

“A significant majority of the industry has joined the association and is actively involved in our work,” said PGMA Executive Director John Addington. “With this kind of support, we can make a lot of progress.”

A primary focus of the PGMA is to develop and influence better performance and safety standards for the industry’s products. The association has defined those products as “engine-driven, portable generators intended for multiple use and intended to be moved, though not necessarily with wheels.”

The PGMA currently consists of the following eight companies: American Honda Motor Co. Inc., Briggs & Stratton Home Power Products, Champion Power Equipment, Generac Power Systems, Pramac America LLC, Techtronic Industries, Wacker Neuson Corp., and Yamaha Motor Corp. USA.

The new organization has established bylaws, articles of incorporation, a board of directors, officers, a technical committee, and a statistical committee. Rock Reed of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. has been elected as board president, Michael Gardner of Techtronic Industries as vice president, and George Brandon of Techtronic Industries as the chair of the technical committee.

Headquartered at 1300 Sumner Ave. in Cleveland, Ohio, the PGMA may be reached at (216) 241-7333 or pgma@pgmaonline.com.

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