TRUFUEL 2-cycle engine fuel

Available in both 50:1 and 40:1 gas:oil ratios, TRUFUEL is an engineered, ready-to-use 2-cycle engine fuel for trimmers, leaf blowers or chain saws. The precise oil-to-gas blend in TRUFUEL assures the right ratio every time, and eliminates the need for mixing gas and oil, or messing around with gas cans — saving time, hassle and mess.

Users can simply open the cans and pour the product into their equipment. The product is packaged in easy-to-use, childproof, 1-quart cans and has a multi-year shelf life.

Both products have been precisely blended with an advanced synthetic lubricant at the exact ratios suggested by the major manufacturers of handheld power equipment. Since high performance helps to extend the lifetime of a 2-cycle engine, a fuel stabilizer is added to TRUFUEL to ensure fresh fuel for every use.

TRUFUEL is designed to optimize the performance of 2-cycle engines to start easier, run more efficiently, and last longer. The patent-pending formulation starts with a special stream of high-octane fuel that is very different from gasoline from the gas station, and developed for exclusive use in TRUFUEL. In vented containers, gasoline can lose octane and vapor pressure, attract water, and in some cases separate into its base components. This deterioration occurs when the fuel is left unused in a vented container over the course of several months. Unlike vented gas containers, the ready-to-use fuel in TRUFUEL is packaged in a sealed container to ensure freshness upon opening.

Difficulty in starting a 2-cycle engine is usually a result of poor fuel and plug fouling, not the equipment itself. Technical specifications for vapor pressure and octane have been perfected with TRUFUEL, and a synthetic lubricant burns cleaner and reduces plug fouling to optimize the performance of 2-cycle engines.

The gasoline that goes into TRUFUEL is specially engineered for 2-cycle engines and never contains ethanol. That’s because while ethanol is great in automobiles, it’s detrimental for the performance of 2-cycle engines like leaf blowers, trimmers and chain saws. What most people don’t know is that more than 50 percent of the gasoline sold in the United States contains ethanol, and that problems can arise when gasoline with ethanol is left unused for extended periods of time. Here’s why. The ethanol in gasoline attracts water from the atmosphere, and the two bond together. This ethanol/water mixture separates from the gasoline in a process called “phase separation.” When starting a 2-cycle engine, the machine uses the ethanol/water that has separated from the gasoline and does not receive the lubrication that it needs. This can cause immediate engine failure.

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