Briggs & Stratton Yard Power Products Group bolsters mower and snow blower lineups


Snapper Pro SW5


Snapper 285Z with 27-gross-hp. engine and 46-inch deck


Simplicity single-stage snow blowerThe Briggs & Stratton Yard Power Products Group made several announcements regarding its 2011 mower and snow blower lineups at GIE+EXPO 2010.

On the commercial side, Ferris expanded its Evolution compact zero-turn mower lineup to include five models, ranging from 19 to 27 hp. and with a 36-, 48- or 52-inch mowing deck. The Evolution now consists of the following models: 1) 19-hp Kawasaki with 36-inch deck, 2) 27-hp. Kawasaki with 48-inch deck, 3) 20-hp. Kawasaki FX with 48-inch deck, 4) 22-hp. Kawasaki FX with 52-inch deck, and 5) 26-hp. Kawasaki FX with 52-inch deck.

Ferris also made several announcements regarding its IS 2000Z, IS 2500Z and IS 3100Z mid-mount zero-turn mower lineups. The IS 2000Z and IS 3100Z will be available with air-cooled Vanguard Big Block engines, which boast a global 3-year commercial limited warranty, and its IS 2500Z will include three models with Yanmar 3-cylinder, in-line diesel engines with cast-iron blocks. As a result, the IS 2000Z is now available with a 30-hp. Vanguard Big Block and 61-inch deck. The IS 3100Z features 30- and 32-hp. Big Block units with 61-inch decks and a 32-hp. Big Block model with a 72-inch deck. And the IS 2500Z — which comes with a patented four-wheel suspension system to dramatically increase operator comforts, mowing speed, quality of cut and productivity — will soon be available in a 20-hp. Yanmar diesel model with a 52-inch iCD cutting system and 24-hp. Yanmar diesel units with a 52- or 61-inch iCD cutting system. In addition, Ferris announced that starting in January 2011 all of its large-frame zero-turn mowers — which includes the IS 2000Z, IS 2500Z, IS 3100Z, IS 3100Z Propane and IS 5100Z — will come standard with a new premium adjustable seat for increased operator comfort. An optional suspension platform will also be offered for an even more comfortable ride.

Continuing on the commercial side, Snapper Pro introduced the SW5 commercial walk-behind mower; touted the Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 Integrated Powertrain system on its S200x, S200xp and S150x zero-turn mowers for 2011; and promoted its S75x compact zero-turn mower and S800x diesel out-front commercial mower. The SW5 is a cost-effective belt-driven walk-behind mower, which is available with a 16-hp. Vanguard or 16-hp. Kawasaki manual-start engine and a 32-inch fixed fabricated-steel deck with an adjustable drive axle to control cutting height from 1 to 4.5 inches. Retail prices start at $2,299. The Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 Integrated Powertrain system is designed exclusively for the rigors of the commercial mowing market, delivering unmatched power and durability. It features a piston pump and motor for quiet, smooth performance; automotive planetary gears for durable power transfer; heavy-duty shafts, gears and bearings for long, trouble-free operation; an internal wet disc brake for maximum brake holding capacity; and the industry’s first two-speed drive system for mowing and transport speeds. The Snapper Pro S75x compact zero-turn mower is ideal for mowing in tight places and highly landscaped areas because of its compact low stance and placement of the operator in the most ergonomic position. The S800x, which comes with a 30-hp. Yanmar 3-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine and a 61- or 72-inch deck, is ideal for trimming around trees, bushes and landscaped areas because of its out-front design. The S800x is also available with a 28-hp. Kawasaki or 31-hp. Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine.

On the residential side of Briggs’ business, Snapper announced the expansion of its innovative NXT lawn tractor and walk-behind mower lineups, which were introduced in spring 2010. Snapper and Simplicity also each introduced two zero-turn mowers and three single-stage snow blowers. Plus, Simplicity displayed the Citation zero-turn mower.

Snapper expanded its innovative NXT lineup with the introduction of a third lawn tractor and a second walk-behind mower. The NXT tractor lineup, which originated with a 23-gross-hp. unit with a 46-inch deck and a 27-gross-hp. unit with a 52-inch deck, will now include a third unit with a 19.5-gross-hp. Briggs & Stratton Professional Series single-cylinder engine and a 42-inch deck. Like its two predecessors, the new tractor will boast the push-button start, a revolutionary cutting system, an ergonomic breathable-mesh suspension seat and electric height of cut. Both the 23- and 27-gross-hp. units feature Briggs & Stratton Professional Series V-twin engines and a car-like electronic dashboard. With just a glance at the dashboard, the operator can check fuel level, battery voltage, height of cut, hours of use and time of day, as well as additional maintenance reminders such as when to service the oil system, filters or blade. Typical retail prices for the 19.5-, 23- and 27-gross-hp. NXT lawn tractors are $2,299, $2,599 and $2,999, respectively. The Snapper NXT walk-behind mowers boast their own exclusive features, including a patent-pending variable-speed REACT Drive Control System, which automatically adjusts the mower’s speed to the walking speed of the operator, and an electronic maintenance reminder. New for 2011 is a model with an electric height-of-cut feature that raises the mowing deck automatically using a toggle switch. Both walk-behind models are 22-inch rear-wheel-drive units with a Briggs & Stratton 875 Professional Series engine. The standard model retails for $449, and the model with electric height-of-cut model retails for $499.

The new Simplicity ZT2000 and Snapper 285Z zero-turn mowers are designed exclusively for homeowners. Both the Simplicity ZT2000-26/52 and Snapper RTZ2652 feature a 26-gross-hp. Briggs & Stratton Professional Series V-twin engine, 52-inch 14-gauge-steel 3-blade deck with electric height-of-cut adjustment, Hydro-Gear EZT transmission and typical retail cost of $2,999. Both the Simplicity ZT2000-27/46 and Snapper RTZ2746 come with a 27-gross-hp. Briggs & Stratton Professional Series V-twin engine with an Electronic Fuel Management (EFM) system, 46-inch 12-gauge-steel deck with electric height-of-cut adjustment, Hydro-Gear ZT-2800 transmissions and typical retail cost of $3,599.

A considerable amount of research went into the design of the new Simplicity and Snapper high-performance single-stage snow blowers. More than a year of consumer surveys, concept testing and homeowner usability studies led to a design that’s easy to start and cleans snow right down to the pavement. The snow blowers are available in three Snapper and three Simplicity models, featuring an 8- or 9-gross-torque Briggs & Stratton Snow Series OHV engine and a 22-inch clearing width. Typical retail price range is $399 to $599.

Simplicity also displayed the Citation zero-turn mower, which is designed for homeowners who mow a lot of acreage. It is available with a 25-gross-hp. Kawasaki V-twin engine and 52-inch fabricated deck or a 28-gross-hp. Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Big Block engine and 61-inch fabricated deck. A patented rear suspension system and ride-dampening front shocks allow the operator to mow at speeds of up to 9 mph. Other key features include Hydro-Gear fan-cooled pumps and wheel motors, an 11-gauge tubular frame and chassis, a 6.5-gallon fuel tank and 22-inch rear drive tires. Typical retail pricing for the 2011 model year is $7,299 (Kawasaki) and $7,999 (Vanguard Big Block).

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