Charter Software announces new integration with CNH Case New Holland Parts & Service and CNH Capital

Charter Software Inc., a provider of business management software for agricultural and outdoor power equipment dealers, is pleased to announce new integration between ASPEN, its Windows-based business management software, and CNH Case New Holland Parts & Service, as well as CNH Capital, the financial services business of agricultural and construction equipment maker CNH Global N.V. (“CNH”).

Charter’s latest time-saving and profit-building integration includes connectivity to CNH AMAX and access to the new CNH Flat Rate/SRT/PM Guides. This new functionality was launched at the 2011 CNH Parts & Service Fair held in Nashville, Tenn., during the last week of January. Charter Software also announced its integration with the new CNH Gateway at the trade fair. Available separately, the CNH Gateway Credit Card Interface allows CNH dealers to process CRA transactions directly to CNH Capital from ASPEN’s point-of-sale screen and receive immediate notifications of available customer promotions.

“For the convenience of CNH-branded dealers, we’ve bundled the AMAX and Flat Rate integration, along with our existing integration, into one interface, the CNH Communications Interface,” says Charter Software President Anne Salemo.

The comprehensive new CNH Communications Interface encompasses a variety of dealer transactions and integration supported by CNH, and boasts extremely fast response times. The interface brings CNH dealers added functionality essential for them to meet CNH requirements and remain competitive by helping them to expedite parts and service operations.

The CNH Communications Interface provides dealers access to do the following:

Apply CNH SRT/Flat Rate/Preventive Maintenance Guide Information from within an ASPEN work order
CNH AMAX. CNH dealers can transfer to and from CNH the appropriate data required by AMAX.
CNH Online Parts Catalog Integration. Dealers can see ASPEN part information and transfer picklists from OPC to ASPEN invoices, parts orders and/or service work orders.
CNH CCN Web functionality, which supports several parts transactions that are submitted to CNH electronically with a few mouse clicks from various ASPEN screens.
Monthly CNH price and supersession updates
CNH New Holland eParts Locator. New Holland dealers can upload parts from ASPEN.

“We are very excited and pleased to be among the few business management system vendors authorized by CNH to offer this new integration,” says Salemo. “The CNH Communications Interface provides Case New Holland-branded dealers ‘one-click’ communications capability between our ASPEN business system and CNH. As new integration and or requirements are put forth by CNH, they will be added to this interface. We are very proud of the relationship we have with built with CNH Case New Holland that helps to support our mission to bring equipment dealers proven, intuitive, integrated and cost-effective business solutions that will help increase their profitability.”

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