ARI’s PartSmart to feature Hydro‐Gear’s complete product line

ARI, a provider of technology‐enabled business solutions that help dealers, distributors and manufacturers in selected vertical markets increase revenue and reduce costs, announced April 21 that it has expanded its offering of OPE manufacturer parts catalogs on PartSmart to include Hydro‐Gear’s complete product line.

Under the exclusive 3‐year agreement, Hydro‐Gear, located in Sullivan, Ill., will provide ARI with the parts, pricing and support data for its line of high‐performance hydrostatic transmissions, gear reduction drives, piston pumps, wheel motors and accessories used on residential and commercial riding and walk‐behind mowers. ARI will manage, convert, publish, support, and distribute the data. The catalog is currently available, and will be updated quarterly.

“As one of the leading manufacturers of hydrostatic drive systems, we recognize the importance of providing our dealers with easy access to the most up‐to‐date parts and pricing information,” said Mike McCoy, vice president of sales and marketing at Hydro‐Gear. “We selected ARI because PartSmart is the de facto standard for parts lookup software in the outdoor power industry and, as a result, the majority of our dealers are already using PartSmart today. PartSmart will help our more than 9,400 dealers worldwide improve their productivity.”

PartSmart is ARI’s premier parts lookup software known to more than 50,000 users worldwide. It provides the fastest way to find the right part the first time, featuring a contemporary Windows user interface that offers more information with fewer keystrokes and mouse clicks. PartSmart interfaces with more than 90 dealer business management systems to drive even more efficiency. PartSmart offers time‐saving features, including easy navigation, a single log in, a single and familiar user interface, updates via the Internet, and thumbnail browsing.

“We are confident that dealers will welcome the addition of Hydro‐Gear to PartSmart’s library of more than 100 catalogs,” said Roy W. Olivier, president and chief executive officer at ARI. “We are committed to working with Hydro‐Gear to provide their dealers with the tools they need to improve efficiency, drive sales, and increase profits.”

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