Toro Z Master G3 propane-powered mowers

As part of its continuing commitment to investigate technologies that are both customer-valued and environmentally responsible, Toro offers propane-powered Z Master G3 zero-turn mowers with cleaner-burning fuels that can reduce engine maintenance cost and extend engine life.

Engineered with a 29 hp* Kawasaki engine, these machines offer ground speeds up to 11.5 mph. Their single propane tank holds 43.5 lbs of liquid propane mounted behind the seat, allowing for better deck and drive tire visibility. And, these propane-powered mowers are available with deck sizes of 60 or 72 inches.

“This is Toro’s way of meeting customers’ needs while protecting the environment,” explains Scott Wozniak, senior marketing manager for Toro. “We focus on the cleanest fuels available, while participating in research of future fuels that could someday prove feasible and reduce the carbon footprint.”

Based on a study by the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC), a propane-powered mower (on average) results in 48 percent less greenhouse gas emissions (GGHG) than a gasoline-powered model. Propane is a widely available alternative fuel that is naturally stable and can be stored for a long period without going stale or varnishing within the carburetor.

According to PERC, propane’s octane rating is 104 (compared to premium gasoline at 91-92), allowing for a higher compression ratio in the engine and greater engine efficiency. This ultimately leads to reductions in certain exhaust emissions, such as carbon monoxide, while keeping run time similar to gas-powered mowers.

Using a Toro propane-powered mower does not require sacrificing other benefits of the Z Master G3 series. The height-of-cut (HOC) system on these mowers gives operators 1- to 5-1/2-inch cuts in 1/4-inch increments, and is designed with clear, easy-to-read settings, a single-point setting calibration, and a keyhole-style pin.

Z Master G3 propane mowers include the Toro TURBO FORCE cutting deck, and all models are equipped with the patented adjustable baffle that allows landscape professionals to fine-tune their cutting performance in order to conquer changing seasons or turf conditions without sacrificing quality or efficiency. The fully-welded, fabricated shell of the TURBO FORCE deck is constructed of high-strength, 7-gauge steel and includes the industry’s toughest spindle assemblies to absorb impact loads and distribute them across a broader area of the robust deck shell. The deck’s “bull-nose” front bumper is designed with a raised leading edge, keeping grass upright for a crisp, level cut, and an integral underskirt that minimizes blowout.

For more information about Toro propane-powered mowers, contact your Toro Landscape Contractor Equipment dealer, call Toro at 1-800-348-2424, or e-mail



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