c-Systems Software releases Infinity 5.0, becomes first to offer automated Stihl product registration

c-Systems Software, Inc., an Arlington, Texas-based provider of business management systems designed for outdoor power equipment dealers, made two significant announcements on August 12. The company released version 5.0 of its Infinity business management system, and it became the first dealer management system provider to take advantage of the new Stihl Product Registration interface utilizing the multi-industry Partners Standard Protocol (PSP).

Infinity 5.0 offers numerous features designed to save OPE dealers valuable time and increase profits. Infinity has gained many significant improvements, featuring simplified multi-store reporting, additional user-defined repair status codes, improved functionality within the scheduling processes and many new enhancements to its exclusive information panel displays.

For example, Customer Mailing Labels — a feature of Infinity’s Customer Relationship Management — now includes Warranty Expiration Classification to send reminders to customers that their warranties are nearing expiration. This gives dealers additional opportunities to make repairs, promote extended warranties, or sell replacement equipment. This feature, along with many other Infinity programs, has the ability to be electronically transmitted, broadcast via e-mail, and easily exported to external programs.

Jim Phelan, c-Systems Software’s CTO and Infinity project leader, said that Infinity 5.0 is significant because it better integrates critical business processes, provides much easier access to needed information, and greatly improves dealer productivity.

“In our opinion, this latest release of Infinity makes it the most robust, full-featured business management system available today for dealers in the outdoor power equipment industry,” he said.

As for the second announcement, Stihl dealerships using c-Systems dealer management systems will now be able to automatically register Stihl products directly from within their management system. Simply put, they will no longer need to log in to Stihl eService and manually enter product and customer information to register products, as the system will do the registration for them. Not only will this be a huge time saver, but this process will also help eliminate costly keying errors.

Customers will appreciate knowing their Stihl products were properly registered by the dealer at time of sale.

PSP was developed by the Motorcycle Industry Council to improve business-to-business communication through the dealer management system.

Stihl North America recently joined in using PSP, and will begin informing its dealers of its activation soon, according to Crader Distributing/Blue Mountain Equipment.

For more information about c-Systems Software, visit www.csystemssoftware.com.


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