Smart Irrigation Month

July is Smart Irrigation Month. Now in its 15th year, the Irrigation Association’s (IA’s) Smart Irrigation Month serves as the showcase month for the irrigation industry and the public to recognize and promote the benefits associated with smart and efficient irrigation.

“July continues to serve as our month to not only celebrate everything our industry has to offer but also educate the public on the importance of smart irrigation,” said John Farner, IA government and public affairs director. “Smart Irrigation Month is our month. It’s our month to talk about the importance of water, the importance of smart and efficient irrigation, and the importance of our industry to the growth and success of our society.”

The theme of the 2019 Smart Irrigation Month is “Smart Irrigation in Action.” Throughout the month of July, IA will encourages everyone in the irrigation industry to showcase smart irrigation in action through pictures, videos and stories that highlight the benefits of smart irrigation, including an online video contest.

IA offers a wide range of resources and information on the Smart Irrigation Month page of the IA website ( to help raise awareness of smart irrigation practices.


Technical resources

With water supply, regulation and environmental issues looming larger than ever, irrigation professionals play an increasingly critical role in protecting and preserving water resources. IA’s technical resources help industry professionals upgrade skills and knowledge to enhance expertise; monitor innovations in industry research, technologies and products; implement smart practices and sustainable solutions for agriculture, landscape and golf; and analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of irrigation systems and water use.


Tools and calculators

The IA website also offers tools and calculators to help make your job easier, including:

  • Comprehensive glossary of irrigation terms
  • Resources for calculating evapotranspiration and finding local data
  • Quick reference friction loss charts
  • Irrigation standards and best practices
  • Assumed flow worksheet
  • Auditing and scheduling calculator
  • Auditing and scheduling calculator (inches)
  • Design capacity worksheet
  • Drain spacing
  • Dripline calculator
  • Flow test worksheet
  • Irrigation auditing
  • Irrigation design
  • Irrigation installation and maintenance
  • Landscape Irrigation Auditor blank worksheets
  • Landscape Water Management and Planning course worksheets
  • Pipe sizing calculator
  • Pivot pressure calculator
  • Pivot tire selector
  • Tree drip calculator
  • Water management


Technical paper library


IA’s technical program provides information about cutting-edge industry developments, including esearch on new technologies, products and applications; advancements in irrigation system design, installation and management; and best practices and case studies for water-use efficiency.


Business management resources

Business management resources from the Irrigation Association can help you master new skills with classes and self-study resources, make the right connections with IA networking opportunities, enhance your credibility by promoting your company as an IA member, grow demand for your products and services as part of the Smart Irrigation Month initiative, and save money with IA discount programs for freight and car rental.


Be a smart leader

Smart Irrigation Month provides numerous ways for you to be an industry leader in efficient irrigation, while helping your customers save water and money. Take advantage of the ideas and resources provided to:

  • Place the Smart Irrigation Month logo on all your marketing materials and business documents.
  • Promote Smart Irrigation Month on social media.
  • Market your business as a leader in water-saving irrigation practices.
  • Engage with local media to get the smart irrigation message out to your customers and the public.
  • Advocate for efficient water use to your members of Congress and state and local leaders.


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