Equipment and Technology Focus: UTVs

Bobcat UV34xl gas

The following is an overview of UTVs for work applications:

Bobcat Company introduces new gas-powered utility vehicles

The new 2020 Bobcat UV34 and UV34XL gas utility vehicles deliver reliable performance and productivity with gas-engine convenience. The UV34 and UV34XL gas models have an all-new chassis for increased durability and ride quality, an enhanced suspension system, increased towing capacity, a new gas engine and more integrated accessories.

A newly designed 39.9-hp. two-cylinder SOHC engine delivers generous horsepower and hardworking performance. The 900-watt stator offers increased output for electric-powered attachments. 

The UV34 and UV34XL (pictured above) gas utility vehicles are designed with an all-new chassis that gives operators additional comfort, strength and performance for the job. The chassis design improves ground clearance and off-road capability while allowing more range of motion in the suspension for superior ride quality. Bobcat UV34 utility vehicles offer seating for an operator and two passengers, while the extended UV34XL has room for an operator and five passengers.

An independent rear suspension with sway bar provides improved ride quality and handling. All-new shocks and springs, plus stronger drive components push through challenging jobs.

Bobcat UV34 utility vehicles can carry up to 1,250 pounds. The 2-inch receiver hitch on Bobcat utility vehicles can easily tow up to 2,500 pounds of trailered equipment and materials. 

Caterpillar utility vehicles

Caterpillar utility vehicles

Caterpillar offers four models of its first-ever Cat utility vehicles – the gasoline-powered Cat CUV82 and diesel-powered CUV102 D, which are two-seat models, as well as the gasoline-powered Cat CUV85 and diesel-powered CUV105 D, which are five-seat models. These models have an optional middle seat to convert them to three-seat and six-seat models, respectively. Cat UTVs feature a rugged steel cargo bed and offer 1,000-pound total rear cargo capacity and 2,000-pound towing capacity.

Cat utility vehicles boast a four-wheel independent suspension system with a front sway bar to provide unmatched stability at full load. A long swing-arm suspension, custom-tuned springs and shocks deliver a balance between a smooth ride and hauling loads. Features such as smooth acceleration, clear sightlines and engine braking capability make the Cat UTV well suited for hauling and towing. The intuitive column shifter allows the driver to easily maneuver through all the gears. All models feature a continuously variable transmission, tuned specifically to offer smooth transitions and the ability to handle loads. The choice of two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive or four-wheel drive/lock modes permits the driver to match vehicle drive to ground conditions.

John Deere TX Work Series Gator utility vehicles

John Deere TX Work Series Gator

The John Deere TX Work Series Gator utility vehicles are designed to power through any job. Equipped with four-wheel suspension, the models offer a smooth ride no matter what the operator is hauling. A 15.5-hp. engine deliver exceptional torque, low-end lugging power and fast acceleration. The durable deluxe cargo box offers 16.4 cubic feet of capacity and converts into a flatbed configuration to allow for larger cargo. Regardless of the job at hand, the TX Work Series utility vehicles provide turf professionals with the power needed to complete tough daily tasks.

Kioti K9 Series UTV

Kioti K9 utility vehicles

The Kioti K9 2400 and K9 2440 offer an abundance of storage, an ergonomic design and contemporary styling. The 24-hp., three-cylinder diesel engine — which makes way for ground speeds up to 31 mph — allows operators to tackle any task with strength and efficiency. The K9 2400 has one of the largest all-metal beds in its class, with 1,102-pound capacity, a standard spray-in liner and an optional hydraulic dump kit, allowing for a full range of towing and hauling capabilities. Access to critical controls and functions has never been easier with the K9 Series’ ergonomically designed dash. It comes standard with in-dash storage, as well as power and USB sockets, meeting a variety of operator needs. The K9 2440 offers an abundance of storage and two rows of seating – capable of carrying five passengers comfortably.

• 24-hp., three cylinder, in-line vertical, water-cooled Daedong diesel engine

• Ground speed up to 31 mph

• Hydraulic power steering

• Full 12-inch ground clearance

• 1,598-pound payload capacity

• 1,300-pound towing capacity

• Standard spray-in-liner

• Front hitch receiver

• Front/rear hydraulic disc brakes

• Adjustable suspension

• HD, Turf, ATV and Tomahawk tire options

Kubota RTV-X1120

Kubota RTV-X1120 utility vehicle

The RTV-X1120 is Kubota’s most well equipped utility vehicle. Designed for the commercial customer and daily heavy-duty work, the Kubota RTV-X1120 combines Kubota quality with enhanced power, torque and performance. Kubota-built and all-terrain proven, the 24.8-hp., 3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine has a well-earned reputation for providing extra acceleration. The engine and VHT-X transmission provide a top speed of 29 mph, as well as plenty of hill-climbing power. Designed for reducing operator fatigue during long workdays, the RTV-X1120 features adjustable ergonomically designed 60:40 split bench seats, digital dashboard display, power steering, easily accessible parking brake and large under-seat storage compartments. 

Toro Workman GTX

Toro Workman GTX utility vehicles

Toro has raised the bar with two new additions to its lineup of Workman GTX utility vehicles. The new Workman GTX Lithium-Ion Lifted and Workman GTX EFI Lifted models each provide an additional three inches of ground clearance compared to traditional Workman GTX machines.

The higher clearance makes it easier for operators to drive over rough or uneven areas without causing damage, plus it reduces the risk of accidentally dragging debris that can gouge the turf. Both models utilize modern 12-inch wheels and 22-inch tires that protect the turf by evenly distributing weight, and the tires feature a tread pattern specially designed for driving over turf.

The lithium-ion technology powering the new Workman GTX Lithium-Ion Lifted model is built to deliver hours of reliable performance. It boasts the largest cargo capacity of any lithium-ion-powered model in its class, so it can handle big jobs. And because the lithium-ion power packs are nearly 26 percent lighter than lead-acid batteries, it makes a big impression on productivity without leaving a big impression on the turf. The power packs are also maintenance-free, so the machine is always ready to get to work and has a long lifespan.

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