Ferris reveals all-new ZTRs with ‘most intuitive’ Vanguard engine yet

Briggs & Stratton Corporation’s Ferris brand today introduced two all-new models in the Ferris ISX3300 platform powered exclusively by the Vanguard BIG BLOCK 40.0 Gross HP EFI ETC engine, the first in the lineup to feature Vanguard’s all-new electronic throttle control (ETC) technology. Following is a press release from the company with the details.

The ETC technology reacts instantaneously to any applied load from its environment to maintain power when the application demands. Equipping the premier zero-turn mower in the Ferris line — which also features the industry’s most advanced independent suspension system, Forefront — with the most powerful engine in the Vanguard lineup creates the ultimate mowing solution.

“The all-new ISX3300 models — equipped with Vanguard’s most powerful engine yet — allow the mower to harness and put to work more of the power created by the engine,” said Jennifer Walth, senior marketing manager at Ferris. “This allows the mower to make quick work of long, dense, wet grass for added productivity so our operators can go home feeling good at the end of a long day.”

The Vanguard BIG BLOCK 40.0 Gross HP EFI ETC engine is the first in the lineup to feature Vanguard’s all-new electronic throttle control (ETC) technology.

The new ISX3300 models benefit from Vanguard’s all-new ETC technology. A flywheel speed sensor detects any change in speed and sends a signal to the throttle body, ensuring consistent engine speed and quality of cut, no matter the environment or load. Also equipped with EFI, this engine has improved starting at all temperatures, smooth performance at all elevations, quick load acceptance and reduced fuel consumption.

“We’re excited to offer Ferris customers another opportunity to benefit from Vanguard’s superior performance and durability by powering the ISX3300 with our most intuitive engine yet,” said Chris Davison, senior marketing manager, Vanguard commercial power, Briggs & Stratton. 

The Forefront Suspension System gives landscape professionals the ability to mow at a higher speed while having more control over the mower. This powersport-inspired front suspension geometry eliminates caster chatter, ensuring the front casters remain in the ideal orientation throughout the entire range of suspension travel to improve the ride and quality of cut. Forefront utilizes four solid control rods with hardened radial ends and dual-rate coil springs that resist component motion and allow the operator to select from five-position adjustments for conditions, preference and attachments. The Ferris Forefront system also features shocks with mower-specific internal valves, oil capacity and bump/rebound setting for maximum ground contact while absorbing terrain.

Additional ISX3300 Platform Features

Engineered to optimize comfort and productivity, the ISX3300 offers the following customer-driven features:

• Angled rear bumper which protects the engine and provides easy service access while achieving additional ground clearance for moving over curbs and trailers.

• Ergonomic premium high-back suspension seat which provides added comfort for a productive and comfortable workday.

• Next generation foldable ROPS reduces noise for the operator while the mower is in motion.

Available with either a 61- or 72-inch two-belt iCD cutting system, the ISX3300 is outfitted with Hydro-Gear ZT 5400 Powertrain transaxles and Hercules spindles.


About Oil Guard System

Exclusively from Vanguard, Oil Guard extends the oil change interval to 500 hours. This saves landscape contractors up to 60 percent per unit on oil maintenance costs each season. That means fewer labor costs, technical skills and tools are needed to perform timely oil changes.

Warranty Information

The ISX3300 is backed by a 2+2 Year Limited Warranty. This simple warranty covers the unit for four years; the first two years with unlimited hours, and years three and four, up to a total combination of 500 hours. All suspension components, including the coil-over shocks, are covered for five (5) years or 60 months. The engine is covered by 3-year commercial limited warranty.

Landscape professionals can find their local Ferris dealer to schedule a demonstration at www.ferrismowers.com and can learn more about Vanguard innovations at vanguardpower.com.

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