Equipment and Technology Focus: Aerators

Z Turf Z-Aerate

The following is our round-up of turf aerators:

Billy Goat AET60

Billy Goat AET60 towable aerator 

At up to four acres an hour, the AET60 provides a 6-inch by 7-inch aeration pattern up to 4 inches deep. The unit offers flexible aeration widths at 36-, 48- or 60-inch aerations with a simple flip up or down of the aerator’s wings. Weighing in at 440 pounds, for deep hard soil aeration, the unit will also accept sandbags for extra weight. Swiveling tine assemblies offer smooth maneuverability when used with a 3-point hitch. Mounts to a standard tow bar or category 1, 3-point hitch.


DryJect LLC, franchise-based aeration services company


DryJect is a pioneer in injection/aeration service. High-pressure water penetrates the turf root zone, and wet or dry amendments including sand/peat mixtures, inorganic soil amendments and more are injected into the aeration holes. Key benefits are speed, labor savings, and increased profitability for sports fields. Aerate, amend, and back-fill the holes on your field(s) in one day with time to spare. Turf surfaces are playable one immediately after completed.  


First Products Universal Aera-vator

First Products Aera-vator

The First Products Universal Aera-vator uses “patented” solid vibrating tines to fracture and loosen up the soil without tearing the established turf. That means no cores to clean up. This action helps improve the infiltration of water, air and nutrients. First Products’ swing hitch allows the user to turn while using. This unit can be used on any type of turfgrass. With six different optional shafts and seed box to increase its versatility, the Universal Aera-vator is must have piece of equipment.


John Deere Aerocore

John Deere Aerocore

The John Deere Aerocore 1500 and 2000 aerators – offering a 57.5-inch and 77.5-inch coring swath, respectively – allow operators to efficiently aerate without sacrificing time or quality. The Flexi-Link coring system on the 1500 and 2000 models ensures the tines stay perpendicular longer, resulting in a higher-quality hole. The belt-driven design on the Aerocore models is quieter and doesn’t require lubrication, making it easier to maintain. The 1500 and 2000 models are both tractor-mounted systems, allowing the operator to work efficiently, pulling as many as 30 cores per square foot depending on the ground speed of the tractor. The six-inch-diameter roller offers better ground clearance and reduces the potential for turf scuffing. Four tine holder size options provide a solution for any type of turf.


Redexim Verti-Drain 2519

Redeem Verti-Drain 251

The new Verti-Drain 2519 from Redexim is setting new standards for what can be achieved with a deep tine aerator. With a working width of 76 inches and max depth of 10 inches, the Verti-Drain 2519 can do up to 94,000 square feet per hour, making it one of the most productive aerators on the market. The Redexim parallelogram action maximizes sub-soil decompaction with minimal surface disturbance. This is all achieved while still being smooth and quiet; reducing fatigue on its operator.


Ryan Lawnaire ZTS stand-on aerator

Ryan Lawnaire

The Ryan Lawnaire ZTS brings a new level of efficiency and profitability to turfgrass professionals. The ZTS maneuvers easily thanks to its low center of gravity, zero-turn drive, and top speed of seven miles per hour. Its efficient operation and quick speed make it idea to tackle large sports fields. The Lawnaire ZTS achieves high-quality aeration with an automatic chain tensioning system. The user is always in control with a precise aeration depth stop and a fast hydraulic tine lift. Aerating can be tough, so comfort is key, especially during large tasks. With a sturdy, shock-absorbing operator platform and zero-turn maneuverability, the Lawnaire ZTS does the work without taking a toll on your body. The intuitive controls of the ZTS also make it ideal for seasonal or new staff, requiring less time and effort to operate.


Toro ProCore 648

Toro ProCore

The Toro ProCore 648 aerator has an operating weight of 1,590 pounds, features an aeration depth of up to four inches, and boasts a 48-inch aeration swath. The unit is equipped with a 23-hp. Kohler gasoline engine and can reach speeds of up to 3.5 mph. The ProCore 648 has a TrueCore ground-following system that maintains consistent coring depth. The design of the ProCore 648 puts the wheels in front of the aeration head so that you can make pass after pass without running over cores or freshly aerated turf. Consistently round holes are achieved by the elastomer RotaLink geometry that ensures tines remain vertical as they enter and exit the ground. The individually floating turf holders prevent turf lift when the tines exit the ground to maintain a true and level surface.


Turfco TurnAer XT8 riding aerator

Turfco XT8

The Turfco TurnAer XT8 riding aerator is designed for hassle-free operation, day after day after day. The XT8 gets its zip from a 22-hp. engine equipped with a cyclonic air cleaner. With an operating speed of up to 7-plus mph and a 30-inch aerating width, the XT8 can aerate more than two acres per hour. It’s slim enough to slip through a 48-inch gate opening. The high-profile ground clearance setup enables the XT8 to hop most standard road curbs, and the patent-pending Auto-Depth Control allows operators to pre-set a consistent tine depth across any type of property and terrain. The XT8 is the only ride-on aerator with drive chains positioned outside the aeration area, so they won’t get clotted with dirt and lawn debris. The system’s self-aligned, sealed bearings are also grease-zerk-free, eliminating another common source of maintenance issues. Use the optional XT8 drop seeder attachment to simultaneously aerate and seed, effectively doubling the productivity of the XT8 aerator.


Turf Pride deep tine aerators

Turf Pride deep tine aerators feature one-piece solid-steel main frame. The crank assembly is driven by one chain drive and three heavy-duty belts, dividing the drive torque with less stress to the connecting arm assemblies, resulting in longer life of the crank assembly. The crank assembly with perfectly timed offsets between each connecting arm assembly maintains balance without the need of counterweights. The patented, spring-loaded tine assembly arms and the parallel linkage arms perfectly position the tines so they move down and back, producing maximum aerating action deep into the soil without disturbing the playing surface. Front and rear rollers are standard. Operating widths in two models of 54 and 70 inches. Options include Turf Pride’s core collector, for core removal. 


Wiedenmann TerraSpike deep tine aerifiers

Wiedenmann TerraSpike

Wiedenmann has worked for decades to develop the technology to offer the fastest deep tine machines on the market with the TerraSpike XF (extra fast), TerraSpike XD (extra deep), and the TerraSpike GXi HD (heavy duty). The TwinDrive ribbed V-belt drive system allows for speeds up to 485 rpm with the use of any size tine in the Wiedenmann range. In addition, because of the continuous crankshaft, timing issues are never experienced. The TerraSpikes are user-friendly machines offering a variety of features such as the Quickset adjustment of the entry angle and of the depth, the VibraStop and PowerPack anti-vibration and absorption systems, the Quickfit tine mounting and extraction system, and the Advanced Tine Control system, as offered on the GXi HD. Turf retainers, safety guards, rear rollers, multi-tine holders, tight hole spacing, ballast weights, and windrows are a few of the other options available for the TerraSpike family of aerifiers.


Z Aerate stand-on aerator from Z Turf Equipment

Z Turf Z-Aerate

Z Turf Equipment – the new parent brand of Z-Spray lawn care equipment – introduced the 2020 Z-Aerate stand-on zero-turn aerator. Capable of aerating more than 100,000 square feet each hour, the Z-Aerate features a 40-inch floating tine head with down pressure, which allows the operator to maneuver around obstacles during aeration. The thumb-controlled hydraulic lift system enables quick turnarounds. Patented locking front caster wheels increase hillside stability, and the dual-pump hydraulic wheel motors deliver 8 mph maximum ground speed. The Z-Aerate accepts accessory add-ons (available separately), including a 30-gallon spray system, 46-inch dethatch rake, or 36-inch slicer seeder. This multi-function versatility enables one operator to do more work, more quickly.

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