ENM Co. launches new battery discharge indicator

Chicago-based ENM Co. has launched its new battery discharge indicator (BDI). This meter is multi-function and can be used in diverse applications.

The unit has a built-in hour meter and service timer, a battery level monitor and a voltage monitor all designed so that the user can gather relevant information about the battery in an intuitive manner.

The meter includes programming for nine different battery discharge curves, which will ensure that it will be compatible with a broad range of batteries. The meter can monitor batteries with voltage ranging from 12 to 48V and it can detect automatically what voltage system is in used.

This compact meter with various functions and alert systems is ideal for customers who wish to get the most relevant information from their battery system.

Among its features

• Compatible with broad spectrum of battery voltage

• 9 different battery discharged curves (programmable by customer to tailor fit application)

• Hour meter and service timer (both can be set by customer to specific hours)

• Voltage monitor system with high and low warning

• 10 LEDs battery indicator with additional 3 LEDs for service, battery % and alarm alerts

• Backlight with the option to turn off

— Dave McMahon, editor, dmcmahon at epgmediallc.com


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