ECHO and BrandMuscle Partner to Launch ECHO ADvantage Marketing Program

ECHO Incorporated is partnering with BrandMuscle, a marketing software company specializing in integrated local and channel marketing, to provide its distributors and dealers with tools to execute a modern marketing strategy.

ECHO and its distributor partners can now use the online ECHO ADvantage Marketing Platform to access customizable templates, view and spend funds, and order paid media placements, the company reports. Pre-approved direct-mail postcard templates stored on the platform can be easily downloaded as a high-res file and sent directly to BrandMuscle’s print center. The platform’s capabilities reduce the need for one-off/custom requests, resulting in cost savings and greater efficiencies for ECHO, while serving to drive brand awareness across all participating locations.

“BrandMuscle provides the holistic marketing approach we need to reach consumers at the local level,” says Brooks Morrison, senior manager channel marketing at ECHO. “We’ve already seen significant interest and adoption of the program because it’s effective, easy to use and offers a blend of digital and traditional media tactics that drive professionals and homeowners directly to our dealer partners.”

ECHO says it will leverage BrandMuscle’s brand management, co-op fund management and digital advertising expertise to achieve consistency across the brand; create customizable assets; manage corporate co-op funds; deploy and measure digital marketing campaigns; and print professional-quality direct-mail marketing. BrandMuscle’s solutions will enable ECHO’s distributor and dealer partners to use a range of traditional and digital tactics, measure their impact and scale campaigns across multiple locations.


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