Electric Sheep Robotics Launches

Electric Sheep Robotics, a San Francisco-based robotics-as-a-service company, has announced its official launch.

Electric Sheep’s Dexter Robot comprises clamp-on hardware and software that attaches to new or existing lawn mowers, gas as well as electric, and can mow any type of grass fully autonomously, the company states.

The robot utilizes cutting-edge technologies including LIDAR, cameras, GPS and ultrasonic sensors for precise maneuvering across diverse terrain. All robots are monitored while in use and incorporate a safety-rated system capable of detecting perimeter breaches in even the most adverse conditions, Electric Sheep reports. Its Dexter Robot is built to the R15.08 standard for self-driving robots.

Electric Sheep has raised approximately $4 million in funding, led by Foundation Capital.

“Electric Sheep has an impressive team and the founders have complementary skills across product, technology and landscaping operations,” says Apoorva Pandhi of Foundation Capital. “With an elegant and simple retrofit approach that doesn’t require any change to an existing gas or electric mower, Electric Sheep automates the existing fleet and unleashes productivity, thus unlocking enormous revenue potential.”

The company notes that it also plans to apply the technology to other applications, including snow removal, sweeping, sidewalk repairs, pest control and more.


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