Hustler Turf Introduces Zero-Turn Mowers for 2022

Hustler Turf has announced three new products: the Zevo, the Surfer Pro and the Super SF stand-on. For model year 2022, Hustler also has refreshed its existing FasTrak and FasTrak SDX models. Hustler will debut the new units during GIE+Expo 2021.

“We heard our customers and developed each of these new mowers with their needs in mind,” says Mark Friesen, director of brand marketing for Hustler Turf. “After a year off from an in-person GIE+Expo, we look forward to seeing our dealers, distributors and end-users and showing them the latest innovations from Hustler.”

The new Hustler Turf products include:

  • Zevo: The company’s newest all-electric unit, the Zevo boasts a fabricated 42-in. deck with a similar construction as Hustler’s Dash XD. This compact sit-down mower is targeted for single-yard use; it has two speeds: 5 miles per hour, for the trim/learning mode; and 7 miles per hour for regular mowing. The Zevo can mow up to 1.5 hours depending on terrain and grass conditions; when properly maintained, the batteries should last its user up to five years, the company reports.
  • Surfer Pro: The Surfer Pro stand-on mower was specifically designed to appeal to landscape contractors as well as homeowners. Featuring a compact footprint and 34-in. or 48-in. deck options, it serves as a great trim and tight area mower with the ability to easily fit through fence gates. In addition, the Surfer Pro takes up minimal space on a trailer and less storage space in a garage or shed. The 18-in. rear drive tires offer a smooth mowing experience for any operator. The Surfer Pro is backed by a two-year, 300-hour warranty for contractors, and a three-year, 300-hour warranty for homeowners.
  • Super SF: The Super SF stand-on mower is the largest, fastest and strongest model in the family of Hustler stand-up units. It can reach up to 15 miles per hour with stronger Hydro-Gear transmissions, 26-in. rear drive tires and a 40-hp engine option. The Super SF is equipped with Hustler’s new VX deck in 60-in. or 72-in., and it holds nearly 14 gallons of fuel (allowing the operator to spend less time fueling and more time mowing).

“The Super SF represents the growth and evolution of our stand-on mower development,” says Friesen. “The heavy-duty construction and industry-leading components make it the professional’s choice for mowing in the harshest of conditions. Combined with the Surfer Pro, Super S and Super 88, Hustler has the most complete stand-on lineup in the industry.”

In addition, as noted earlier, Hustler has also refreshed the FasTrak and FasTrak SDX. Both products now feature dual fuel tanks, a dual USB charger port, front and rear tie-downs, and standard rubber floor mats. The premier models hit top speeds of up to 10 miles per hour and boast 23-in. rear tires.


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