New Stens Product Offerings for OPE Dealers

OPE aftermarket parts supplier Stens is growing its product portfolio with the expansion of agricultural equipment parts branded as Atlantic Quality Parts, the addition of Tiger Lights lighting brand and the introduction of Sabre chainsaw parts.

“The ‘rural lifestyle’ in America has grown tremendously since the pandemic, pushing Americans toward a more sustainable, self-sufficient and agricultural way of life,” the company notes. “Sales of off-road vehicles, agricultural equipment and chainsaws have seen triple-digit growth – in many cases placing pressure on dealers to have more parts in stock for their growing big farmer, and now hobby farm, customers. Dealers need to be able to order and receive their parts in a timelier manner than ever before. Stens has responded by offering a wider selection of brand and parts from a single source enabling dealers to simplify their supply chain.”

John Bauersfeld, VP Field Sales at Stens, adds: “The new omni-channel economy is pushing all businesses to make speedier deliveries of more products – a necessity for survival in the post-pandemic world. If you are an outdoor power equipment dealer, you need to realize what has changed around you, in the market, with your customers…and at Stens. We are now positioned to provide a wide range of parts like never before.”


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