Husqvarna Group and Briggs & Stratton Reach Settlement to Resolve Engine Supply in 2022

Husqvarna Group and Briggs & Stratton have reached a settlement with regards to the supply of engines for ride-on mowers. In September, Husqvarna Group announced it had filed a lawsuit in South Carolina to compel Briggs & Stratton to deliver all engines for ride-on mowers that Husqvarna had ordered in advance of the 2022 season.

Under the terms of the settlement, Briggs & Stratton will provide the majority of the engines needed ahead of the 2022 season. Additionally, the parties have agreed to maintain a modified supply relationship into the 2023 season.

“We have achieved a satisfactory outcome that allows us to secure products for our customers in 2022,” says Glen Instone, acting president Husqvarna Division and CFO Husqvarna Group.

Husqvarna Group had previously communicated a potential negative financial impact in 2022 as a result of a possible lack of engine supply. “This new settlement means that the lawsuit against Briggs & Stratton is withdrawn, and that Husqvarna Group no longer anticipates a material financial impact from this issue,” states the company.



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