Echo Expands Operations, Purchases Additional Warehouse

Due to the rise of product demand and an increased focus on vertical integration, ECHO Incorporated has announced it has purchased an additional 103,000-square-foot warehouse, 20-acre campus in Lake Zurich, Illinois.

According to Ryan Ladley, Echo’s vice president of operations, “Production has been very focused on vertical integration, to help lower costs, be more flexible, quickly respond to the rising product demand and grow our employee skill set.”

Echo provides the following examples of how the company has become more vertically integrated:

Expanding in-house injection molding capability and capacity, including:

  • Two-shot molding
  • IR welding
  • Automated insert molding
  • Automated assembly within the molding cells

Assembly Automation – ongoing efforts to automate to improve safety, quality and efficiency of the overall operation:

  • Automated packaging of all finished goods including a central palletization system
  • Pick to light quality control systems
  • Automated assembly systems

“Vertical integration improves our flexibility to respond quickly to increasing customer demand. It also allows for internal growth of our employees who are obtaining an entirely new skill set,” says Ladley. “We have more automated machinery on site, meaning that we need more technically skilled operators to run the equipment. This has created opportunities for our employees to learn our automated technology. There is nothing more satisfying than helping our people grow professionally as they step up into these more advanced, technical roles.”

Located at 351 Oakwood Rd. in Lake Zurich, this new addition to the campus will support the company’s vertical integration efforts as well as Echo’s expanding lineup of products, including the new Echo eForce 56V Battery System, Robotics and Industrial Product, Echo reports.

Echo provided this video discussing its vertical-integration efforts (from 2020).


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