Equipment Roundup: Generators and Pressure Washers

Welcome to our first Equipment Roundup of 2022! Our digital-exclusive OPEB Equipment Roundups are intended to provide OPE dealers with a curated sampling of tools and supplies within specific product categories throughout the year.

This month, we’ll focus on generators and power washers; in the following months, you’ll also find Equipment Roundups on topics including trailers (April); lifts (June); chainsaws, chippers, log splitters and stump grinders (August); and snow equipment (November). We might even add a surprise Equipment Roundup into the mix, if time permits. Each Equipment Roundup will go live on on the third week of the month. We’ll also highlight each Equipment Roundup in our OPExtra newsletter, so be sure you have signed up for that (sign up here).

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to our Equipment Roundups:

  • As noted above, these are intended to be a sampling of products and companies in the highlighted category, not comprehensive lists. That said, we welcome suggestions for possible additions to each, which we’ll consider for inclusion the next time the particular product category comes ‘round.
  • For each company listed, we’ve provided an overview of its product range, and have then highlighted one specific product (visit the company website to see the full range of products). We’ve opted to list the companies you’ll find here in random order.
  • We have sourced all the information you see here directly from the websites of the companies highlighted.
Simpson Aluminum ALH4240 Pressure Washer

Simpson Cleaning
A division of FNA Group, Simpson Cleaning offers a full line of industrial-grade electric and gas-powered, cold water and hot water pressure washers, designed for commercial and residential use. The Simpson line comprises several series, including: MegaShot, PowerShot, Aluminum Series, WaterBlaster, WaterShotgun and Brute Series.

The company’s Aluminum ALH4240 Pressure Washer boasts an aircraft-grade aluminum frame – making it lighter in weight (133 lbs.) than most steel-frame pressure washer designs. A gas-powered, cold-water professional model, the ALH4240 features: a Honda GX390 engine with low-oil shutdown (49-state compliant); 4200 psi, 4.0 GPM; Cat Pumps triplex plunger pump; a steel-braided kink- and abrasion-resistant hose (3/8-in. x 50 ft.); 13-in. premium pneumatic tires; and five quick-connect nozzle tips (0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and soap).

Honda EB6500

Honda’s roster of generators comprises four series: EB Industrial (2200-10,000 watts); EM Deluxe (electric start, 5000-6500 watts); EG Economy (2800-4000 watts); and EU Super Quiet (totally enclosed, 1000-7000 watts). All feature Honda GX, iGX or GC four-stroke engines as well as Honda Oil Alert (shuts down the engine if oil pressure level reaches a low level). Various models also offer: overhead valves, cast-iron cylinder sleeves and a dual element air cleaner.

The Honda EB6500 is a 6500-watt 120/240V industrial generator that is OSHA-compliant and offers a run time of approximately 9.8 hours at half load (6.4 hours at full load). In addition, its AVR technology lets the generator operate well above its maximum rating for up to 10 seconds (7000 watts) to start high initial amp-draw equipment.

Husqvarna’s line of four pressure washers ranges from the 3200-psi HB32 to the 4200-psi HH42. The smaller pressure washers feature axial cam pumps and Briggs & Stratton engines, while the larger two models feature triplex pumps with adjustable pressure regulation and Honda engines.

Husqvarna HH42 pressure washer

The HH42 pressure washer features the Honda GX390 engine and delivers 389ccs of cleaning power. Its adjustable AR triplex pump allows the user to adjust pressure between 300-4200 psi. Other features include: a fully welded durable frame; 50-ft. flexible hose; 13-in. pneumatic wheels for easy maneuverability; and five quick-connect spray nozzles (0, 15, 25, 40 degree and soap). The siphon hose boosts detergent directly into the water stream. 4.0 Max GPM.

Yamaha Motor Sports
The Yamaha generator lineup includes the new EF2200iS inverter generator (2200 watts, introduced last summer), as well as four additional models: the EF4500iSE inverter (4500 watts), EF5500DE/D (5500 watts), EF6300iSDE inverter (6300 watts) and the EF7200DE/D 7200 watts). As of January 2022, Yamaha has updated its full line of inverter and conventional generators with Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensor technology to meet the Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association’s (PGMA) ANSI/PGMA G300-2018 carbon monoxide emissions standard.

Yamaha EF6300iSDE

The EF6300iSDE is Yamaha’s most powerful inverter, featuring a Yamaha MZ350 engine and a maximum AC output of 6300 watts. It can run continuously for 13.3 hours at ¼ rated load and has a noise level of 58-64 dBA (at ¼ rated load). Features include: a CO sensor that shuts off the engine if a high level of carbon monoxide is detected; an overload Indicator to alert the userif rated power is exceeded; a smart throttle that automatically adjusts engine speed to match power demand; and a low oil warning system that shuts the engine off if the oil level drops.

Stihl RB800 pressure washer

Stihl offers an array of pressure washers – homeowner models (two models), professional models (two models) and electric models (two models) – as well as a range of pressure-washer accessories, such as nozzles, extensions, surface cleaners and more. The company’s professional pressure washers include the RB600 (3200 psi) and RB800 (4200 psi); both feature Stihl’s Easy Start Pump System, designed to allow for quick and easy starting.


With 4200 psi of water pressure and 429 cc engine, the gas-powered RB800 pressure washer is designed for heavy-duty commercial use. It features: an industrial design for heavy daily use; the aforementioned Easy Start Pump System with a pressure-relief valve; stainless-steel nozzles (and a brass nozzle for use with detergent);automatic fuel shut-off valve; a 50-ft. hose; 13-in. pneumatic tires; and more.

Hustler HPGH8500DE

Hustler Turf
Hustler Turf portable generators and inverters are designed to provide power at worksites, recreational facilities, residential locations and more. Its generator roster includes: the HIG2200 (2200 starting watts, with a Hustler engine), HPGH5500 (5500 watts, with a Honda GX270 engine), HPGH8500 (8500 watts, with Honda GX390 engine), and HPGH8500E with electric start (8500 watts, also with the GX390). The company also offers a range of pressure washers.

The electric-start HPGH8500DE generator offers 8500 starting watts (7000 running); 7.9-gallon fuel capacity; low oil engine shutdown protection; GFCI protection; durable never-flat tires; and 80 dBA at 23 ft. The generator features a harmonic distortion of less than 5 percent, important for safely running sensitive electronics. The 8500DE’s fold-down handle makes for easy maneuverability and storage.  

John Deere
John Deere has more than 20 gasoline and electric pressure washers in its lineup, including: its HR gasoline series (2500-2800 psi); PR gasoline series (3200-4200 psi); AC electric series (1500-2500 psi); and AC gasoline series (2500-3500 psi). Deere also offers a GatorPal gasoline power washer for Gator models with higher load capacities (65-gallon water tank).

John Deere PR-3200GHA

The PR-3200GHA pressure washer (gasoline, 3200 psi) features a powder-coated aluminum frame and 196cc Honda GX engine. It also offers: a flow rate of 2.7 gallons/min.; adjustable pressure unloader valve; direct drive crankshaft pump with ceramic pistons; three quick connect spray nozzles for a wide variety of cleaning tasks (15°, 25°, detergent); low-pressure detergent injector to apply recommended detergents; 50-ft. x 3⁄8-in. high-pressure hose with quick connect; and a thermal relief valve to prevent the pump from overheating.

Generac offers its Pro professional-grade portable generators (XC and XD series) in addition to portable generators for homeowners and recreation, generators for industry/businesses, as well as a line of pressure washers. The company’s XC series of generators comprises the XC6500 (8125 starting watts/6500 running watts) and the electric-start XC8000E (10,000 starting watts/8000 running watts); all XC generators feature a 426cc G-Force engine, oversized touchpoint buttons, steel lifting pocket and 12-guage steel tube X frame.

Generac XD5000E

The Generac XD5000E is an electric-start generator powered by an air-cooled, direct-injection Yanmar LW series diesel engine (435CC). Features include: fully welded 1.25-in. steel frame; 12-gallon steel fuel tank; 32 hours of runtime (at 50% load); integrated lifting eye for easy transport; an idle control to conserve fuel and reduce noise; 5500 starting watts/5000 running watts.

Pressure-Pro has pressure washers of all types – gas-powered, electric-powered and diesel, for semi-professional duty, professional duty, commercial duty and industrial duty, plus various specialty pressure washers. Its Eagle II commercial series of gas-powered pressure washers are belt-driven and feature aircraft-grade aluminum frames with dual handles, commercial-grade engines, oversized airless tires and cold-rolled, hardened steel axles.

Pressure-Pro Eagle II EB4040HC

The Pressure-Pro Eagle II EB4040HC pressure washer is a belt-drive model with a Honda GX390 engine and industrial-grade CAT pump. Features include: single bolt engine adjustable belt tension; 50 mesh inlet filter; adjustable pressure unloader; low oil shutdown; dual padded shock absorbing feet; and a thermo-sensor to prevent overheating in bypass mode. Working pressure: 4000 psi; water flow: 4 GPM.

Caterpillar Cat RP7500E

Caterpillar offers a range of Cat Portable Generators built for long runtimes and easy operation, ranging from 1800/2250 watts to 12,500/15,000 watts, including several with electric start. For worksites, its Cat Generators offer durable, all-steel construction, never-flat tires, and large fuel tanks.

The Cat RP7500E is an electric-start generator with 9375 watts starting power and 7500 watts running power. Features include: fuel-efficient 420 cc OHV engine; auto-voltage regulation for consistent power; tip-over fuel-shutoff valve to prevent gas leaks; automatic low-oil shutdown; covered wiring and added GFCI protection; and padded, double-hinged, locking handle for easy mobility and storage. Run time: up to 11 hours on a single tank at 50% load.

NorthStar 157127

Northern Tool + Equipment
Northern Tool’s NorthStar branded selection of pressure washers includes machines designed for commercial personal use, gas-powered and electric (cold and hot water). The company also features a range of accessories – nozzles, hoses, wands, fittings/couplers, etc. – as well as a complete line of replacement parts. The company also offers North Star generators (and other brands).  

The NorthStar 157127 Gas Cold Water Pressure Washer combines power, durability and reliability in a compact steel cart featuring flat-free tires (10-in.) for easy portability and low maintenance. Equipped with an industrial-grade Honda GX390 OHV engine, the NorthStar 157127 features: 4200 psi, 3.5 GPM; CAT 66DX direct drive crankshaft triplex pump with thermal protection and ceramic plungers; oil drain cutouts for quick, clean engine and pump oil changes; adjustable pressure; 50-ft. heavy-duty nonmarking hose; and more.

Kohler Pro 9.0E

Kohler offers a lineup of five gas-powered generators: the recreational/home Gen5.0 (5000 watts max power/4300 watts continuous) and four Pro series models – the 6.4 and 9.0 units (6400/5200 and 9000/7200, respectively) and the 6.4E and 9.0E e-start units (same watts). Also available is the enCube 1.8 battery inverter, which charges through a 120-V AC wall outlet or optional solar panel (sold separately).

The Kohler Pro 9.0E features: Oil Sentry, which automatically shuts the engine down in low-oil conditions; an auto-idle feature designed to save fuel; Accu-Fill for safe, easy refilling and less spilling; a Maintenance Minder to display hours of run time reminders of oil/spark plug/filter changes; and more. Run time: 11 hrs at half load; sound level: 78.2-79.7 dBA. Options include an auto-locking hand truck handle kit, lifting kit, cord-management kit, isolator kit and 12V battery charging kit.

Echo EG-10000

Echo’s generator line includes six models: the EGi-1200 (1200 max wattage/1000 running wattage); the EGi-2300 (2300/1800); the EG-3500 (3500/2800); the EGi-3600LN low-noise inverter (3600/3000); the EGi-4000 (4000/3400); and the EG-10000 (10,000/7500). The company also offers a line of pressure washers with a range of 1800 to 4200 psi.

The Echo EG-10000 is strong enough to power job sites, large loads or even a food truck. Features include: electric start (with recoil backup); automatic voltage regulator to maintain constant voltage and power; circuit breaker protection; low oil shutdown; fuel gauge; covered outlets; folding handles for compact storage; and a 6.6 gallon fuel capacity. Running time: 8 hrs at 50% load.

Jenny Products Hypressure HPJ4045

Jenny Products  
Jenny Products offers an extensive line of gas-powered and electric cold pressure washers, hot pressure washers, combination units and more. Its roster of Hypressure Jenny gas-engine cold pressure washers ranges from the recoil-start J2030 (2000 psig, 2.8/3.0 GPM) to the electric-start J5045 (5000 psig, 4.5 GPM); its Hypressure Jenny electric cold pressure washers range from the HPJ1029 (1000 psig, 2.0 GPM) to the HPJ3540 (3500 psig, 4.0 GPM). The company’s Jenny gas fired hot pressure washers range from the HPW753 (750 psi, 3.0 GPM) to the HPW3540 (3500 psi, 4.0 GPM); its Jenny oil fired hot pressure washers include a range of entry-level models (1000 psi, 2.1 GPM to 2000 psi, 4.2 GPM).

Jenny Products’ Hypressure HPJ4045 is a gas-powered cold pressure washer (4000 psig, 4.5 GPM) with electric start. Designed to be rugged, dependable, efficient, versatile, safe and easy to use, it features a heavy-duty roll cage frame construction and high-performance Kohler Command Series engine (18hp). Other features include: low-oil shut-off; pressurized oil system and oil filter; industrial-grade pump; pneumatic tires; and more. Hose reel optional.

Water Cannon Roll Cage

Water Cannon
Water Cannon’s variety of pressure washer models includes the Roll Cage Hot Water Pressure Washer (4000 psi), Contractor Honda GX390 Pressure Washer (4000 psi) and many others. The company’s extensive Contractor Duty line of pressure washers are designed for daily/nightly use and include built-in safety features such as pressure relief valve and a thermo-sensor valve to prevent the pump from overheating; durable, heavy-duty steel frames with corrosion-resistant coating are standard on these units.

Water Cannon’s Roll Cage Hot Water 4000psi 4GPM Pressure Washer with key-start features a Kohler Command Pro 14hp OHV industrial-grade engine (440cc), a General Triplex ceramic plunger pump and a portable four-wheeled welded push bar frame. Other features include: 13-in. pneumatic wheels; forged brass manifold; adjustable pressure regulator (from 150psi to max); 10-gallon poly fuel tank; 36-in. trigger gun and wand assembly; 0/15/25/40 nozzles; 50 ft. high-pressure hose; and more.

Briggs & Stratton  
The Briggs & Stratton Electric Pressure Washer (2000 max psi, 3.5 max GPM) features the company’s Powerflow+ technology, which produces both high pressure to break up dirt as well as high flow to easily wash the dirt away. The unit features: a durable brushless induction motor; 7-in-1 nozzle; integrated detergent tank; convenient foldaway design; and 7-in. solid wheels. Hose length: 25 ft.

Briggs & Stratton Electric Pressure Washer

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