Briggs Equipment and FMI Equipment Named ASV 2021 Dealers of the Year

ASV Holdings has recognized Briggs Equipment, Inc. as the 2021 Multi-Location Dealer of the Year and FMI Equipment as the 2021 Single-Location Dealer of the Year.

“Briggs Equipment and FMI Equipment really excel at representing ASV and partnering with their customers,” says Jeff Pate, director of sales for the ASV brand. “Both dealers have gone above and beyond with their level of commitment, customer service and passion to share the value of ASV machines with their customers. We’re pleased to show our appreciation for their partnership with this year’s awards.”

Briggs Equipment, Inc. is ASV’s 2021 Multi-Location Dealer of the Year.

Briggs Equipment, ASV’s 2021 multi-location dealer of the year, was founded in 1896 and is an ESOP-owned full-service material-handling company. Briggs has 22 locations across the southern half of the United States. “[Briggs] has shown a strong belief in the quality of ASV’s products and a commitment to helping their customers understand the value of the ASV brand,” states ASV. “In addition to showcasing consistently high sales volumes in their more than five years representing the brand, their team displays a clear understanding of the benefits of ASV equipment and proactively shares these messages with customers and prospects.”

FMI Equipment is ASV’s 2021 Single-Location Dealer of the Year.

FMI Equipment, the winner of ASV single-location dealer of the year, serves the Inland Northwest region of eastern Washington, northern Idaho and western Montana. “FMI Equipment has been a loyal advocate of the ASV brand for 20 years and has achieved remarkable market share and sales volumes,” states ASV. “They also stand out because of their knowledge of the features and benefits of ASV products, as well as knowing how to show the value of ASV equipment against other machines.”




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