Equipment Roundup: Trailers

This digital-exclusive equipment roundup features a sampling of companies that manufacture trailers. For purposes of this roundup, we have primarily focused on equipment and utility trailers, including landscape-specific trailers.

For each listed company, we’ve provided an overview of its product range, and then highlighted one specific trailer of our choosing. We’ve listed the companies in random order, and we’ve sourced all the information you see here directly from their websites. Note that we’re only including companies that produce branded trailers, and that this is a sampling of companies versus a comprehensive list. We welcome suggestions for possible company/product additions, which we’ll consider including the next time we feature a roundup on this product category.


Reiser L 7000 GVWR

Reiser’s trailer roster includes landscape trailers (single- and tandem-axle versions), equipment trailers, utility trailers, deckover trailers, dump trailers and car haulers.

Its Reiser Model L 7000 GVWR Landscape Trailer measures 16 ft. x 82 in., and features a pressure-treated deck, double-eye spring suspension, 2-15/16-in. A-frame coupler, 4-ft. removable gate, 15-in. silver/black mod wheels, DOT-approved lights and more. Optional ATV side ramps are available.

Bear Track Trailers

Bear Track’s Tandem Axle Utility Trailer

Bear Track Trailers, a Voyager Industries brand, designs and engineers aluminum trailers for utility, ATVs, snowmobiles and motorcycles, as well as a line of specialty trailers and car haulers. The company’s Utility Trailers are offered in single-axle, tandem-axle and tilt-deck models.

Bear Track’s 80-in.-wide Tandem Axle Utility Trailer is available in either 14- or 18-ft. lengths. Perfect for lawnmowers and golf carts as well as hauling building supplies and large debris, the trailer features a low-rise bed for easy loading, hinged gate system, a SmartDrain System for protection in northern climates, an LED light package and more. Carrying capacity: 2,130 lbs. (14-ft. model).

Big Tex Trailers

Big Tex 70TV Tandem Axle Vanguard Landscape Trailer

Big Tex manufactures nine different types of trailers: Utility (15 models), Landscape (five models), Equipment, Tilt, Dump, Flatbed Gooseneck, Tagalong, Car Haulers and Specialty. The company’s Landscape Trailers include the single-axle 30SV, 35SV and 35LS; and the tandem-axle 70TV and 70LR.  

The 70TV Tandem Axle Vanguard Landscape Trailer is available in four widths (12-, 14-, 16, 18-ft.) and features higher v-crimped steel sides to protect cargo while hauling. Features include: Dexter axles; EZ Lube hubs; Nev-R-Adjust brakes on all hubs; protected wiring; an LED lighting package; and more. An optional Bolt-On Landscape Box (24 x 24 x 87 in.) is available.


BWise UT3 – 3K Single Axle Tube Rail Utility Trailer

BWise manufactures a range of utility trailers, equipment trailers, dump trailers, tilt trailers, car haulers and dump inserts (convert a short or long bed pickup truck into a dump truck). It offers two types of utility trailers – Angle Frame Angle Rail and Angle Frame Tube Rail (both in single-axle and tandem-axle models).

The UT3 – 3K Single Axle Tube Rail Utility Trailer is available in four lengths (8, 10, 12 and 14 ft.) and in two widths (60, 76 in.). Features include: a tubing top rail; split rear ramp gates; 2-in. A-frame coupler; smooth steel fenders; 3,500 lb. premium axles; and pressure-treated ProWood Dura Color decking.

Black Rhino


Black Rhino Landscape Trailer

Black Rhino produces landscape trailers, utility trailers and car hauler/heavy-duty trailers. All of the company’s trailers feature North American aluminum products (full tubular construction for all structural frame components) and Prowood Dura Color 5/4 treated decking

Its Landscape trailers are available in five sizes: 5 x 8, 5 x 10, 6 x 10, 6 x 12, 7 x 14 and 7 x 16 ft. In addition to the standard features noted above, other features include: nitrogen-filled radial tires; full LED lighting package; three-position gate; Dexter 3,500-lb. EZ Lube sprung drop axle.

CAM Superline

CAM Superline 10K Tandem Axle Utility Trailer

CAM Superline’s roster of trailers includes utility trailers (single- and tandem axle), equipment haulers, dump trailers, tilt trailers, car haulers and deckover trailers (the deck/bed rests above the wheels).

The company’s 10K Tandem Axle Utility Trailer was designed to haul small tractors, compact equipment, and side-by-sides/UTVs. The trailer features a 7K drop-leg jack, rub rails and a reinforced 4-ft. spring-assist laydown gate (a 5-ft. spring-assist gate is optional), plus electric brake axles, radial tires, LED lighting (rubber mounted) and a pressure-treated pine deck.

Quality Trailers

Quality 10000 GVWR Professional Grade

Quality Trailers offers utility landscape trailers (single- and tandem-axle), fender equipment trailers, fender tilt trailers, deckovers and car haulers. The utility landscape trailers are available in three different grades: Economy, General Duty and Professional Grade.

The company’s 10000 GVWR Professional Grade utility landscape trailer (16, 18, 20 ft.) features a heavier main frame and closer cross members, premium radial tires, swing-up jack, and LED rubber mounted sealed beam lighting in enclosed boxes with sealed modular wiring harness. Capacity: 8,500 lbs. (4,500 lb. ramp capacity).

Great Northern Trailer Works

Great Northern Tandem Landscape Trailer

Great Northern produces landscape trailers, ATV trailers, utility trailers, tilt bed trailers, deckovers, goosenecks and self-loading dump trailers. All trailers are fabricated with high-quality steel.

The Tandem Landscape Trailer is available in three widths (5, 6, 7 ft.) and two lengths (12, 14 ft.). Featuring a deck comprising 2 x 6-in. Douglas Fir, the trailer also features electric braking, 4-ft. ramp with tipper latch system, sealed LED lights with rubber mount and 15-in. radial tires. An optional Jed Box is available.

Car Mate

Car Mate SST Tandem Axle

Car Mate manufactures open and closed car trailers as well as enclosed cargo trailers, plus a range of utility trailers (angle iron and steel-sided). Also available: the company’s steel Lawn Cart (42 x 48 in. deck with 15-in. sides, in black or red).

The SST Tandem Axle is an 80-in. trailer available in three models: 12, 14 and 16 ft. Features include: Dexter spring axles w/E-Z Lube hubs; 13-in.-high solid-steel sides (23- or 33-in. sides optional); self-adjusting brakes; LED lighting; 1.5-in. treated plank deck (optional solid steel deck).

Teske Mfg.

Teske Side Ramp Landscape/ATV Trailer

Teske offers a variety of utility trailers, a landscape trailer model, a no-floor trailer and more.

The company’s Side Ramp Landscape/ATV Trailer is a 6.5 x 12-ft. model that combines a formed channel steel frame (powder-coated paint) with a treated wood deck. Features include: 5-ft.-wide reinforced side ramp; full reinforced rear ramp; welded round closed fenders; 15-in. radial tires; LED DOT lighting package. Cargo capacity: 1,910 lbs.

American Hauler

American Hauler Night Hawk

American Hauler offers an array of covered trailers that address a variety of activities and markets – landscaping, snowmobiling/ATV, entry-level, auto/car hauling, race trailers and more.   

The Night Hawk Auto is a commercial-grade trailer with an aggressive raked front v-nose and flat roof; it’s available in three lengths: 27 ft., 6 in.; 30 ft. and 31 ft., 6 in. Features include: double-sealed side entry doors; one-piece seamless aluminum roof; rear ramp door with spring assist; 16-in. ramp extension; electric brakes with breakaway kit; 5-in. radial tires with silver mod wheels.


CargoPro Open Utility Landscape

CargoPro, an Alcom brand, features a range of open trailers – utility, ATV/UTV, specialty, dump, car haulers – as well as enclosed trailers (UTV/ATV, car and cargo). Alcom’s other brands include SnoPro (enclosed and open trailers geared toward snow activities, plus a selection of ice shacks); E-Z Hauler; High Country; Frontier; Polaris; Triton; and Alcom Offroad.

The company’s Open Utility Landscape Wood Deck 2.0 Trailers feature an all-aluminum construction, 2 x 8-in. heat-treated decking, an integrated aluminum rear ramp, 4-in. drop-leaf spring axles and recessed LED marker lights. Available in five sizes: 6.5 x 12, 6.5 x 14, 6.5 x 16, 6.5 x 18 and 6.5 x 20.

Carry-On 5.5X8GWPTLED

Carry-On Trailer

Carry-On Trailer manufactures an array of utility, cargo and specialty trailers, plus dump trailers, car haulers and trailers for horses and livestock. Its utility trailers are available in various heights (9-24 in.) and widths (4-7 ft.), and with floor materials including wood, steel, open steel and mesh.

The 5.5X8GWPTLED trailer (85 x 145 in.) is an angle frame model featuring a treated wood-floor; 63 x 49-in. (w x h) rear ramp gate; white mod wheels; LED lighting; and a payload capacity of 2,090 lbs.


Gatormade Big Boss Single Axle Utility

Gatormade offers utility trailers and equipment trailers, plus tilt trailers, dump trailers, gooseneck trailers, pintle trailers, enclosed trailers and car haulers; the company will also manufacture custom-built trailers.

The Big Boss Single Axle Utility Trailer (10-, 12-, 14-ft. lengths) features a heavy-duty Gator Tuff black powdercoat paint finish; pressure-treated wood floor (screw down); 1-ft. side rails; 3,500-lb. Dexter axle with 15-in. radial tires; set of heavy-duty Jeep-style fenders; safety spring-assisted ramp gate (power up and down); and all-LED lighting. Chrome or mag wheels are optional.


Aluma 6800ESW

Aluma’s lineup includes utility trailers, ATV/UTV trailers, open and enclosed snowmobile trailers, open and enclosed motorcycle trailers, car haulers and truck beds. The Executive Series of utility trailers includes the 548/5410, 638/6310, 7210, 7710H/7712H, 8200 Tandem and Tandem Tilts and more models.

The 6800ESW Wood Deck Utility Trailer is available in two sizes – 69 x 122 in. and 69 x 147 in. – and features all-aluminum construction and a pressure-treated floor. Features include aluminum fenders, steel wheels, aluminum tailgate (67.25 x 44 in.), LED lighting package, 14-in. tires.

Master Tow

Master Tow LT6414T trailer

Master Tow manufactures landscape trailers and utility trailers (angle iron, tubular steel), plus motorcycle trailers, car haulers and tow dollies. Master Tow Tubular Steel Trailers are available in a Utility Trailer model with tilt-bed or slide-out ramp, and a Lawn Trailer Model with a fold-down landscape gate.

The LT6414T trailer (6 ft. 4 in. wide) is available in bed lengths from 12 to 24 ft. Standard features include: 16-in. high sides (24-in. optional); tip-away tongue jack; 7,000 lb. GCAWR; electric brake axle (2nd brake axle optional); spring-loaded gate latch; 1.5-in.-thick pressure-treated wood floor.

Premier Trailers

Premier Utility Landscape LE

Premier Trailers manufactures landscape trailers, dump trailers, tilt trailers, car haulers and more.

The company’s Utility Landscape LE Series of trailers comprises nearly 20 models, ranging from the 60 in. x 8 ft. 582K LE to the 76 in. x 20 ft. 6207K LE TATB trailer. Standard features include: 2-in. coupler single axle (2-5/16-in. coupler, tandem); pressure-treated floor; 15-in. trailer tires with white spoke wheels; EZ-Lube hub axles; DOT-approved lighting; 12-in. rub rail.

Sport Haven

Sport Haven Utility AUTD

Sport Haven’s trailer lineup includes its Utility Series (with wood or aluminum decks); Heavy Duty Series (also with wood or aluminum decks); and Car Hauler Series.

The Utility Series AUTD model is available in both single-axle and tandem-axle configurations. Constructed of scratch-resistant, fluted aluminum tubing, the AUTD trailer features: 1,000-lb. swivel jack with wheel; aluminum through-bolted greaseable hinge; spring-loaded latch gate; rear, removable three-position ramp; aluminum fenders; 15-in. radial tires; LED lighting. Trailer brakes are standard on the tandem-axle model, optional on the single-axle.

U.S. Cargo


U.S. Cargo produces covered trailers for general purpose, car haulers, racing trailers and more.  

Its ULATFX trailer is available in four widths (5, 6, 7, 8.5 ft.), in single- and tandem-axle versions and in 10 different packages: Hauler, UTV+6, UTV+12, Cargo Plus, RedLine, Ramp, Double Doors, Blackout, Bling and Essentials. One-piece aluminum roof is standard on all, as are 3/8-in. engineered wood walls, ¾-in. engineered wood floors, drop spring axles, radial tires, LED clearance and tail lights, interior LED dome light and more.

Hunter Trailers

Hunter Trailers offers utility trailers (single, tandem), equipment haulers, deckover trailers, goosenecks and car haulers.

The company’s HD Utility Trailer is a 7-ft. tandem-axle commercial model available in 12-22-ft. lengths. The trailer features a 2-in. treated pine lumber deck, two E-Z Lube brake axles, 7-way wiring harness, 16-in. steel wheels, DOT-approved LED lights and more. Slide-in ramps (5 ft.) are optional. Load capacity: 11,000 lbs.

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