Landscape Business “Twenty for 2022” New Product Award winners announced

Twenty for 2022

Landscape Business announced its selections for the “Twenty for 2022” New Product Awards. The Landscape Business Twenty for 2022 New Product Awards recognize products for the commercial landscape and irrigation markets.* Products were judged by the EPG Brand Acceleration staff based on innovation, marketability and application within the market.

“Landscape and irrigation professionals face an increasing number of challenges in today’s market,” said John Kmitta, associate publisher and editorial brand director of Landscape Business. “Each of the Twenty for 2022 New Product Award winners exhibit the innovation needed to help industry professionals tackle those challenges and be successful in 2022 and beyond.”

The Twenty for 2022 New Product Award winners, in alphabetical order by company name, are as follows:

Altoz Switch

The Altoz Switch stand-on compact tracked utility machine provides multi-seasonal, multi-functional usage. With a compact 55-inch length and 42-inch width, the Switch gets traction via patented 9-inch-wide tracks. The 29.5-hp. Kawasaki FX 852cc engine with EFI has the power to move materials, and the hydrostatic drive delivers responsive handling on technical terrain. The control center is designed around the rider, and consists of an ergonomic, adjustable, shock-absorbing rider platform and a technologically advanced SmarTrac display system that monitors critical components. Controls are intuitive and easy to reach, operating a variety of rugged, belt-driven, hydraulically adjustable attachments, including front-mounted snow blower (44 or 54 inch), angle broom (48 inch), V-blade (44 inches folded or 54 inches folded), straight blade (48 or 60 inch), brine system with two 10-gallon tanks, or three different mower decks (44-inch brush, 61-inch all-terrain or 66-inch finish).

Belgard Dimensions Geometric Shapes

Let your design imagination run wild with the new Dimensions series Geometric Shapes from Belgard.  These shapes include a hexagon, a large and small parallelogram, and a diamond. They are completely modular, and are designed on 3-inch increments. Because of this, they can be used by themselves, or mixed together, resulting in the flexibility that allows one to create almost any pattern imaginable. From art deco to ultramodern, the sky is the limit. To top it off, they also modulate with Belgard’s standard Dimensions and Origins series, resulting in design flexibility.

Caterpillar 304, 305 CR mini excavators

Built to deliver an improved customer experience, the new 4-ton Cat 304, and 5-ton Cat 305 CR next generation mini hydraulic excavators deliver more power to the pumps, higher bucket breakout forces and deeper standard digging depths to increase performance by up to 20 percent over their E2 series counterparts. Their industry-leading grease intervals and extended filter service life, combined with common components throughout the line and flat, easy-to-replace side panels, deliver up to 10 percent lower owner and operating costs. The new 304 and 305 CR models are the final machines to be reengineered to the Cat next generation mini hydraulic excavator line concept. From the 1.5- to 10-ton class models, all 17 – 20 Cat mini hydraulic excavators in the range (depending on region) offer common features and consistent controls layout to simplify training and operator adaptation.

Cub Cadet SurePath auto steer technology


The Cub Cadet PRO Z 960 S and 972 S SurePath units are outfitted with GPS technology and an exclusive four-wheel steering system that provide a semi-autonomous experience designed to maximize efficiency and productivity while minimizing effort and advanced training. The operator simply needs to set the preliminary cut line, and the SurePath units will execute straight cutting paths with an auto-zero-turn at the end of each row at the touch of a button. Utilizing high-precision GPS technology, SurePath reduces overlap and helps to cut straight stripes, allowing the operator to complete a property in less time while producing superior cut quality productivity when compared to an identically equipped Cub Cadet manual lap-bar mower. Because of the semi-autonomous nature of the GPS technology, operators with different levels of experience, from new hires to landscaping vets, can deliver consistent quality cuts and efficient operation when using a SurePath unit.

Diamond Mowers’ SK Drum Mulcher OD Pro X

Diamond Mowers’ Drum Mulcher OD Pro X combines the best performance features of depth control and open drum mulchers in one versatile attachment. Ideal for users requiring power and flexibility for harsh mulching needs or heavy ground engagement, this attachment is made for a wide range of heavy-duty applications, from land clearing and vegetation management to utility and roadside maintenance. Designed to process material up to 9 inches in diameter, this model features an optimized infeed system that produces a smaller end product than conventional open drums. A heavy-duty push bar with extended, serrated side plates controls brush, while directional rake tines deflect vegetation to the shredding chamber where it is ripped apart between the tines and the rotating drum. Available in 60- and 72-inch cutting widths, the OD Pro X attaches to most skid-steers and compact track loaders, is compatible with high-flow machines, and accommodates three different tooth options.

Echo eFORCE 56V battery system

Echo Incorporated’s eFORCE 56V battery system includes 10 products, two batteries and two chargers. This new line of Echo outdoor products is available at major retail locations and more than 6,000 independent Echo lawn care dealers across the United States. This new generation of battery-powered Echo eFORCE lawn equipment offers long usage times, power for dense/tough jobs, quiet operation, easy starts and maneuverability, cost efficiency and simple maintenance. Equipment in the new Echo eFORCE battery-powered cordless lineup include:

  • Chain saws (12” top-handle and 18” rear-handle)
  • String trimmers (16” and 17”)
  • Self-propelled 3-in-1 lawn mower (21”)
  • Handheld blower (550 CFM)
  • Hedge trimmers (22”)
  • Brushcutter (17”)
  • Pro Attachment Series trimmers (16” with 14 attachments and 17” with 15 attachments)
  • Batteries (2.5Ah and 5.0Ah)
  • Chargers (standard and rapid)

Exmark 144-inch Lazer Z Diesel

The new Exmark 144-inch Lazer Z Diesel zero-turn mower can cut up to 11.5 acres per hour, replacing up to three 72-inch mowers. The 144-inch UltraCut Flex Wing cutting deck features a 48-inch center deck with two 48-inch wing decks, which articulate up to 20-degrees up and 15-degrees down to minimize scalping. The wing decks fold hydraulically to reduce required trailering space. The deck uses matching blades and a rear discharge design for maximum productivity and cut quality. Power comes from a 43.4-hp. Yanmar three-cylinder turbo-diesel engine with common rail fuel injection. The two-speed drive mechanism includes a low range (0-10mph) for maximum torque and mower control, and a high range for transport speeds up to 17 mph. A 4-inch travel full-suspension seat and strategically placed isolation mounts provide all-day operator comfort. The Lazer Z Diesel is also available in 60-, 72- and 96-inch models.

Ferris FB 1000 Hurricane stand-on blower

Ferris Mowers added to its line of stand-on blowers with a new compact offering, the FB1000 Hurricane. While the 35.5-inch steel frame of the FB1000 is compact, it does not sacrifice power. Its Vanguard V-Twin engine delivers 18 hp. of reliable power. Coupled with a large horizontal impeller, the stand-on blower can deliver 3,500 cfm and 150-plus mph of hands-free debris cleaning power at ground speeds of up to eight mph.

Other features include:

  • Patented foot-driven airflow direction control, which allows operators to keep their hands on the operating controls and maintain productivity.
  • A fold-up operator platform is isolated from bumps through polymer platform bumpers, making for a more comfortable operating experience.
  • The 20-inch x 8-inch drive tires optimize stability and traction while the flat-free front caster tires deliver reliable control.
  • Ergonomic steering controls and simple choke and throttle controls, plus a key-operated start, make the FB1000 intuitive to operate.

Hunter WandBT

Wi-Fi makes installing and managing irrigation systems quicker, easier and more convenient. But what can contractors do when a site has a poor internet connection or none at all? To solve this problem, the Hunter Wand Module for X2 controllers now includes new software that enables Bluetooth pairing for seamless Wi-Fi setup in just minutes. Once online, contractors can use these easy-to-learn features to get site tasks done quickly:

  • Using the Hydrawise App, contractors can connect in six simple steps, reducing internet setup time by 70%.
  • Bluetooth remote lets contractors use their smartphones as a manual remote when Wi-Fi is unavailable or the controller is hard to access — perfect for controllers in garages or behind locked gates.
  • Rapid Programming Technology allows a pre-configured X2 schedule in Hydrawise to be sent to any X2 controller via Wand in seconds.
  • The new setup option for X2 Controllers offers convenient and profitable site management for routine installations.

Hustler Surfer Pro

The Hustler Surfer Pro stand-on mower was specifically designed for landscape contractors. With its compact footprint and 34- or 48-inch deck options, it is a great trim and tight-area mower with the ability to easily fit through fence gates. In addition, it takes up minimal room on a trailer and less storage space in a garage or shed with an overall length of 58.9 inches. The Hustler Surfer Pro boasts a heavy-duty fabricated deck and Kawasaki engine.

John Deere Long Bed Special Application Vehicles

Designed and manufactured in collaboration with International Automated Systems (IAS), the John Deere Long Bed Special Application Vehicles (SAV) are an extension of custom UV solution designed for commercial and governmental customers. These models provide solutions for customers needing additional bed space to haul larger, bulkier items. In addition, the Long Bed SAV offer customers an expanded 56-inch by 82-inch heavy-duty powder-coated aluminum bed, a 45-mph top speed, a heavy-duty automotive-style tailgate, and are available in both gas and diesel. The Long Bed SAV units also have an optional fully enclosed IAS/Tektite Cab with HVAC and hard-surface tires. These vehicles, under agreement with IAS and are available to all commercial and residential customers, the Department of Defense and governmental agencies at all levels.

Kioti ZXS Series

Agile across various terrains, Kioti’s new ZXS Series of stand-on zero-turn-radius mowers offers efficiency and comfort for all the jobs on your list. The series features two models, the ZXS48 and ZXS54, from which to choose. Each model features a 24-hp. Kawasaki engine with Hydro-Gear transaxles for reliable and hardworking performance. Choose from 48- or 54-inch mower decks, featuring a fabricated, reinforced steel deck and standard notch blades that cut through the toughest turf. A seven-gallon fuel tank requires less frequent refueling, saving time for operators. Simple removal of the plush and comfortable operator pad reveals ample space and easy access to all serviceable components – such as transaxles, drive belt, battery and fuses – for painless maintenance and upkeep.

Kubota U10-5 minimal tail swing excavator

Kubota’s U10-5 minimal tail swing excavator offers easy maneuverability and hydraulic adjustable track widths that quickly contract to easily fit through tight spaces such as doorways, fence gates, inside buildings, hallways, elevators and more. The U10-5 contracts to 2 feet 6 inches, then, when the operator wants to widen the tracks, the tracks widen out to 3 feet 3 inches. The U10-5 extends to a 5-foot-11-inch digging depth with a bucket breakout force of 2,337 pounds. The U10-5’s hydraulic control system offers smooth operation and an increase in digging productivity. The U10-5 also offers the same side lever joystick operational controls found on the other larger Kubota excavator offerings, with consistent joystick digging controls. The U10-5 provides superior flexibility when working in tight spaces with very minimal overhang at 0.6 of an inch over the tracks, ensuring excellent balance, stability, and fast operation.

LESCO ride-on spreaders and sprayers

SiteOne Landscape Supply’s new LESCO ride-on spreaders and sprayers include the LESCO 100, 200, 300 and 600 Applicator Models. 100-percent stainless-steel frames and coated Peerless transaxle resist corrosive granular chemicals for added life. The LESCO Model 100 features a low center of gravity and is ideal for projects that do not require liquid application. The LESCO Model 200 releases dry and liquid material and features a dual setting spray system. Its narrow width allows easy access through gates in residential areas. With zero-turn drive and a variable spray system, the LESCO Model 300 delivers multiple coverage widths. Dual liquid spray tanks provide a total capacity of 24 gallons for up to 2.2 acres of coverage. The LESCO Model 600 offers 12-foot spray coverage, plus a pivoting front axle with a low center of gravity for excellent performance on sloping terrain.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel 8” hedge trimmer

Designed to meet the detail trimming needs of the landscape maintenance professional, the M12 Fuel 8” hedge trimmer delivers increased control and access when compared to a full-size hedge trimmer. The compact size paired with an ergonomic grip handle provides users with a lighter-weight solution for one-handed use, making the trimmer easier to control in tight access applications. The Powerstate brushless motor delivers the power to cut up to 1/2” branches to take on demanding applications. The hedge trimmer provides a faster cutting speed to clear materials quicker, increasing application speed and overall productivity. The M12 Fuel 8” hedge trimmer delivers increased control and access with the power to cut 1/2” branches with the fastest cutting speeds in its class.

Polaris mid-size Pro XD work utility vehicle

Polaris Commercial’s new mid-size model of the Pro XD UTV is designed for lighter payloads, tighter spaces and remarkable comfort. The vehicle comes in two- and four-seat versions with a capable 500-pound capacity cargo bed. The Pro XD lineup boasts durability, serviceability and safety features that differentiate it from other work UTVs. The all-new mid-sized model takes the same purpose-built features that work customers value in the full-size Pro XD, and delivers them in a more compact profile, with capable payload and towing capacities at a lower price point. The compact size further increases agility while maintaining a 200-hour service interval for longer uptime. The mid-size Pro XD model preserves a smooth ride while providing a 500-pound box capacity, ample hauling and towing capabilities for mid-size applications – and with two- and four-seat options. Additionally, the small footprint allows for easy access to narrow spaces, offering greater jobsite maneuverability, flexibility and efficiency.

Scag EVZ electric zero-turn riding mower

The EVZ is the first electric-powered unit in Scag’s lineup. The EVZ is powered by a Vanguard 48V 5kWh lithium-ion commercial battery pack. A Smartec by Hydro-Gear ZT-2800e electric drive system delivers smooth drive power and incredible maneuverability. Smartec D2e cutter deck motors provide strong cutting power, yet deliver maximum efficiency for extended runtime. The machine features Scag’s proven Hero cutter deck for an envy-inducing quality-of-cut. Heavy-duty construction ensures years of dependable service and worry-free productivity. Low-maintenance mower design maximizes operator convenience: fewer grease points; no engine oil to change; no belts to replace. Other features include standard LED lights; a full-featured display screen that shows battery charge level, total hours of machine runtime and provides system diagnostics; and onboard Bluetooth capabilities for remote troubleshooting through the Smartec Connect and Smartec MyMow apps.

Steel Green Manufacturing SGXL

Steel Green Manufacturing introduced its largest machine yet. The SGXL offers industry-leading capacity and versatility as a 120-gallon zero-turn stand-on sprayer featuring a 14-foot, four-section, rear-mounted breakaway boom with electric hydraulic lift actuators that provide superior visibility to allow lawn care operators to monitor every nozzle’s performance. Other standard features include a 100-foot hose reel, 2.5-gallon foam marker, hillside assist system, pressure control system, and LED light bar. Its 12-mph transport speed and 27-gpm centrifugal pump cut down on time spent covering commercial properties or large residential lawns. Optional features include a touch screen rate controller and 350-pound granular hopper kit to convert the SGXL to a high-capacity spreader.

Steiner Flail Mower attachment

The new Steiner Flail Mower attachment combines brush cutting with finish mowing to make a versatile and extremely productive machine to tackle the most challenging mowing tasks. It comes with two different knife options: the standard “Y” knife is used to cut tall, heavy grass and brush, whereas the “Scoop” knife is used to give turf a more finished look. The rear roller on the Flail Mower attachment gives an eye-catching stripe finish on the turf while also providing stability. The rear-discharge mower deck is effective when mowing along roadways and sidewalks to get rid of any debris in unwanted areas. Attached to the Steiner 450 tractor, the new Flail Mower attachment can get jobs done on uneven terrain thanks to the tractor’s unique articulating and oscillating frame. And with the QuickHitch attachment system, operators can switch between more than a dozen attachments in a matter of minutes with no tools required.

Toro Revolution Series mowers

Toro’s new Revolution Series of battery-powered commercial lawncare equipment – the Z Master Revolution and the Grandstand Revolution – takes two of Toro’s beloved mower platforms and revolutionizes them with battery power. Every Revolution machine is equipped with patent-pending software in the controls that enables smooth operation. It also gives operators a chance to customize the machine with adjustable deck rake, drive speed control options and blade tip speed settings. The Revolution Series mowers are powered by Toro’s HyperCell Power System. The Battery Management System (BMS) allows for longer runtimes and quick charging to maximize productivity. Both the GrandStand Revolution and Z Master Revolution feature the Turbo Force deck, bullnose bumper, and all-day runtime from the Toro-developed HyperCell battery system.

In addition to being featured on the website, the 20 winning products will also be profiled in the Landscape Business section of the July/August issue of OPE Business magazine.

* Manufacturers were allowed to submit more than one new product for consideration, as long as the product was introduced to the market between June 2, 2021, and June 1, 2022. The 20 winners were selected from among qualifying nominations.

EPG Brand Acceleration produces, OPE Business magazine and SportsField Management magazine, as well as a wide range of publications and digital properties for other industries.

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