Equipment Roundup: Chainsaws, Chippers, Log Splitters and Stump Grinders

This equipment roundup assembles a collection of companies producing chainsaws, chippers, log splitters and stump grinders. For each of the listed companies, you’ll find an overview of its product range, as well as one highlighted product that we’ve chosen from the company’s array of products. We’ve listed the companies in random order, and we’ve sourced all the information you see here directly from their websites. Keep in mind that this is a sampling of companies and products, not a comprehensive list; we welcome suggestions for possible company/product additions, which we’ll consider including the next time we feature a roundup on this product category.


Stihl MSA 220 C-B

Stihl boasts a roster of more than 100 chainsaws – gas-powered, battery-powered and plug-in electric – including 20 rated as professional-grade. The company’s MS 462 R C-M Rescue Saw features the Oilomatic Stihl Rapid Duro Rescue Chain, which is capable of cutting through glass, sheet metal, roofing, wood and a wide variety of other materials encountered during rescue operations.

The MSA 220 C-B chainsaw is the most powerful battery-powered chainsaw in the Stihl lineup, the company notes, and is also the first Stihl battery chainsaw with a 16-in. bar (also available with a 14-in. bar). Features include: Stihl QuickStop chain brake; Ematic lubrication system; 3/8-in. Picco Super 3 low-profile, low-kickback saw chain (for minimum chain friction and a smooth clean cut); a rubberized soft-touch handle; and more.

Crary Bear Cat

Crary Bear Cat offers a range of chippers, chipper/shredders, stump grinders, debris loaders and other OPE equipment. Its roster of chippers includes eight models: the 4-in. FC400 and CH4420; 5-in. CH5627; 6-in. CH611DH and CH6627H; 9-in. CH8993H and CH911DH; and 10-in. CH1015H.

CH1015H chipper

The CH1015H chipper features a 10-in. capacity, allowing for chipping larger trees and less pruning of smaller trees. It also features a 57-hp Kubota gas engine; a block heater for cold environments; and a rotor with six reversible blades and four paddles for efficient chipping and discharge. Additional features include built-in, long-handle tool storage, an included tool box, step kit and grease hoses for fast, efficient maintenance. Mounted on a towable trailer with a 4-position, 18-in. telescoping hitch pole.


YardMax manufactures a full roster of log splitters, including gas-powered half-beam and gas-powered full-beam splitters (25-, 28-, 30-, 35-ton versions) as well as two electric log splitters (5- and 9-ton). YardMax also offers a short-hopper chipper and a chipper shredder.

The company’s 35-ton full-beam log splitter is engineered to handle log-splitting jobs in the most demanding environments; it will cut through most types of wood effortlessly and efficiently. It features a Briggs & Stratton engine; a log spinner foot plate to easily rotate logs for splitting, reducing stress on the beam; U-beam structural design; a longer table length to accommodate up to 26-in. logs; and DOT-approved tires.

DR Power Equipment

Pro XL stump grinder

DR Power Equipment, a subsidiary of Generac Power Systems, offers hydraulic log splitters (22-, 28-, 34-ton and a 5-ton electric), RapidFire kinetic splitters and a battery-powered chainsaw. It also offers a full lineup of DR stump grinders – including the 6.6-hp Premier, 9.2-hp Pro, 11.7-hp Pro XL and 11.7-hp Pro XLSP (self-propelled).

The Pro XL stump grinder boasts eight steel teeth (replaceable), tipped with mining-grade tungsten carbide-tipped teeth; an 11.7-hp DR OHV engine with electric start; three grinding positions; simple hand controls; and lugged, knobby, high-flotation tires. An offroad tow kit is included.


Husqvarna offers dozens of chainsaw models, including gas-powered and battery-powered models, for professional as well as residential use. Its gas-powered chainsaws run the gamut from the 2-hp 240 model to the 455 Rancher with X-Torq engine to the 3120 XP (8.3-hp, 24-42-in. bar length). The company lists eight chainsaws on its battery-powered roster, from the lightweight 120i to the 540i XP and top-handle T540i XP.

T540i XP

The T540i XP is the company’s most powerful battery-powered top-handle chainsaw, equivalent to a 40cc professional gas saw when fitted with a BLi200X battery, it reports. Features include excellent ergonomics, high chain speed, low weight, auto shutdown, adjustable oil pump, a “savE” mode for maximum runtime and more. Plus, integrated connectivity makes it easy to keep track of usage stats, service history and last known location in the Husqvarna Fleet Services app.


MacKissic manufactures Merry Commercial gravity self-feeding wood chippers (3.5-, 4.5- and 5.5-in.), Merry Commercial shredder chippers and a Merry Commercial stump cutter, as well as its Mighty Mac line of wood chippers, shredder-chippers and leaf shredders for the homeowner/consumer market.


The Merry Commercial shredder chipper line comprises two models: the smaller 12PHT, powered by a Honda GX240 engine and featuring 12-gauge steel; and the larger SC262, powered by an 18-hp Vanguard V-twin engine. Highway-towable with a 7-gauge reinforced steel trailer, the SC262 is electric-start and features independent flex-ride suspension; the chipper has two tool steel blades (re-sharpenable) and an outside adjustable wear plate to easily maintain smooth chipping action. It will chip 4-in. branches.

Oregon Tool

35-ton Hydraulic Log Splitter

Oregon Tool offers three hydraulic log splitter models: 25-ton, 30-ton and 35-ton. All of the company’s log splitters offer horizontal and vertical operation, and feature heavy-duty H-beam design; a log catcher for easy horizontal splitting; and an optimized welded wedge with optimal knife edge and separator for efficient splitting. Oregon also offers a trio of corded chainsaws (12-15 amps) as well as its CS300 cordless chainsaw (40 volt).

The Oregon 35-ton Hydraulic Log Splitter features: a Briggs & Stratton XR1450 engine (360cc); a jack stand for optimal leveling on uneven surfaces; horizontal and vertical operation; log catcher; optimized wedge; and a robotically welded beam with welded stripper plates and log cradles engineered to handle high tonnage rates.


Dosko manufactures five series of walk-behind stump grinders: 200, 337, 337S (with a swiveling grinder head), 620 and 691SP. The company also offers a 4-in.-capacity brush chipper.


The 692SP stump grinder is powered by a 688cc Honda GX630 engine (electric-start); a self-propelled unit (hydrostatic), it can be quickly maneuvered with ease, and its all-terrain tires help keep the unit on track. The three-in-one tooth system feature Greenteeth 700 Series teeth (teeth can be rotated in three 120-degree increments for fresh cutting edge); it features a concave “dish” cutting edge that sheers rather than shreds.


CS-590 Timber Wolf

Echo offers a wide range of gas-powered and battery-powered chainsaws, including its Echo X Series (25cc – 73.5cc); the CS-590 Timber Wolf (59.8cc); various chainsaw models with an i-30 starter for reduced starting effort; eForce series battery-powered chainsaws (12-, 18-in.); and others. Echo also produces a trio of chipper/shredders (208cc-420cc). 

The company’s CS-590 Timber Wolf chainsaw boasts a lightweight, professional-grade 59.8cc two-stroke engine; G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner for reduced air-filter maintenance; heavy-duty air filter with tool-less access for superior air filtration; dual-post chain brake; and an automatic, adjustable clutch-driven oiler. Available in 18-, 20- and 24-in. bar lengths.


Earthquake Outdoor Power Equipment offers two models of chipper shredders – K32 and K33 – as well as a 5-ton electric log splitter (1500w electric motor).

The K32 chipper shredder features a 212cc 4-cycle Viper engine, while the K33 model features a 301cc 4-cycle Viper engine. Both models can chip branches up to 3 in. in diameter and feature 11-in. airless wheels and a rugged steel hopper.


Powerhouse offers three log splitter models: the 7-ton XM380, the 9-ton XM580 and the 12-ton Powerhouse Kinetic log splitter.

The 9-ton XM580 splitter features an electric motor (120v, 4hp) and a powder-coated steel frame (3mm thick). Other features include: built-in wide-track wheels for mobility and stability; 30-cm hydraulic ram; and two-hand safety control. Log size capacity: 520mm length, 50-300mm diameter.

CS16E electric chainsaw

Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet’s CS16E electric chainsaw is powered by a 60 volt max, 2.5Ah, 150Wh lithium-ion battery, allowing up to 140 cuts of 4 x 4-in. pressure-treated pine per charge, the company notes. The CS16E features: low kickback 16-in. bar and chain engineered to improve control and stability; standard chain brake; overmolded handle; and easy tensioning adjustments with no tools required.


Ryobi Electric Log Splitter

Ryobi offers an electric log splitter, as well as a variety of battery-powered chainsaws on its equipment roster (including the 18v One+ HP Brushless Whisper 12-in. chainsaw).

The company’s Electric Log Splitter is a 5-ton, 15-amp model that is capable of cutting logs up to 10 in. in diameter. It features a heavy-duty steel frame, two-handed operation design and front legs that double as a hand grip. The splitter can be stored horizontally or vertically.


Toro 60v Max 16-in. Brushless Electric Chainsaw

Toro’s 60v Max 16-in. Brushless Electric Chainsaw is part of the company’s Flex-Force power system. Featuring a full 16-in. bar and chain, it’s available as tool-only, with 2.0 aH battery and charger, and with 2.5 aH battery and charger.

The chainsaw features a three-phase brushless motor; RunSmart onboard intel to optimize RPMs and torque in real time for peak performance; electric-start trigger; auto chain oiler and view-thru oil tank; on-board tool storage; and a comfort-grip handle. Runtime for up to 50 cuts through 6 x 6-in. branches. The company also offers a range of stump grinders and a log splitter.


DeWalt 60V Max 20-in. Chainsaw

DeWalt’s chainsaw roster includes a range of FlexVolt 60V Max (18- and 20-in.; 2.85-4 hp) and 20V Max (12-in.) models. The chainsaws are available as tool-only or in kits (with battery, charger, and other accessories).

Made for professional landscaping use, DeWalt’s 60V Max 20-In. Chainsaw is capable of cutting through 17-in. white oak logs as fast as 15 seconds using a DCB615 battery, the company reports. The chainsaw features robust chain tensioning for reliable chain retention; auto-oiling for longevity of use; a chain brake; and an onboard wrench for quick chain adjustments. The kit includes a FlexVolt battery, charger, bar sheath, sharpening file, tension tool and carrying case.


The Greenworks line of battery-powered, cordless chainsaws includes 24-volt models (10-, 12-in.); 40-volt models (12-, 14-, 16-in.); 60-volt models (16-, 18-in.), 80-volt models (16-, 18-in.) and 48-volt models (2 x 24v, 14- and 16-in.).

The Greenworks Pro 80V 16-in. Brushless Chainsaw is lightweight, easy-to-start and features a digitally controlled brushless motor for more torque, quieter operation and longer life. Other features include: steel bucking spikes and metal wraparound handle; on-board chain tensioning tool; electronic chain brake; auto oiler; and translucent oil tank. Available as tool only or in kit with 2.5 Ah battery and charger.

Black & Decker

Black & Decker 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw

Black & Decker chainsaws are available in various bar sizes and chain combinations: 40v max (12-in.) and 20v max (10-in.), plus corded 8-amp (14-in.), 12-amp (16-in.) and 15-amp (18-in.) models.

The company’s 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw (12 in.), part of Black & Decker’s 40V Max outdoor system, features a 12-in. bar and chain; 40V max lithium Ion battery that holds a charge up to 18 months; auto oiling system; tool-free chain tensioning; and a battery state-of-charge indicator. Available as tool only, or in kit with battery and charger.


Makita 36v LXT Top Handle Chain Saw

Makita’s chainsaw roster comprises battery-powered saws as well as some gas-powered ones (the latter on a limited basis; the company ceased production on its gas-powered models in 2022, but is still selling off remaining inventory). The Makita LXT Brushless series includes 18v and 36v (18v x 2) models in 10-, 12-, 14- and 16-in. versions (single tool and kits available).

The Makita 36v (18v X2) LXT Brushless 14-in. Top Handle Chain Saw (XCU08Z) is powered by two 18v LXT batteries and features a variable-speed trigger and high chain speed (0-3,940 FPM) for increased cutting speed, with torque boost mode for cutting dense material.Other features include: Makita’s Outer Rotor Brushless Motor with direct-drive system; adjustable automatic chain lubrication; built-on lock-off lever to help prevent the chain from accidentally engaging; and an electric brake for maximum productivity.


TW 13/75G Wood Chipper

Timberwolf specializes in the manufacture of wood chippers. The company offers gravity wood chippers (two models); road-towable hydraulic wood chippers (four models); tracked hydraulic wood chippers (four models); and power take off (PTO) wood chippers (two models). Timberwolf recently signed its first North American distributor (Radius Industrial Works in Vancouver, Canada); Alamo Group acquired Timberwolf late last year.

Its gravity-fed TW 13/75G Wood Chipper is powered by a Honda 13-hp engine, and features a maximum diameter infeed of 3-in. The chipper utilizes a strong self-feed action produced by the positive blade feed incorporated in the feed funnel and blade design to make infeed grip exceptional, the company reports. Solid or pneumatic tires.

Iron & Oak

Iron & Oak produces commercial log splitters, all featuring commercial horizontal shaft engines, thick-walled hydraulic cylinders with added sealing capabilities, and machined tool steel splitting wedges. The company’s BHVH Series comprises three vertical/horizontal models (24- and 30-ton, and 30-ton with torsion axle), and its 20-ton horizontal two-way log splitter.

All three vertical/horizontal splitters feature Honda engines plus an Auto Latch System that locks the beam into the horizontal position for safe towing. Other features include an enhanced handle to assist with transitioning the unit between the horizontal and vertical operating positions, and a heavy-duty wedge with five bolts/side that pairs with a standard log dislodger for extra durability.

Yard Force

Yard Force, a Merotec brand, has two lithium-ion battery chainsaws on its roster: the 120v YF120vRX (18 in.) and the 60v YF60vRX (16-in.), as well as the corded 15-amp YF1516CS model (16-in.). The company also offers a pair of gas-powered chippers, an electric chipper-shredder, an electric leaf shredder, a 5-ton electric log splitter and a 196cc direct-drive gas log splitter.

The YF120vRX 120v lithium-Ion 18-in. chainsaw features an Oregon bar and chain; 120v power; push-button speed control with start and stop; an auto-oiling system; and balanced handle configuration. Runtime: up to 100 cuts on a single charge. The kit includes the chainsaw, a YF120vRX high-capacity 2.5 Ah battery and a 4-amp fast charger.

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