Grasshopper releases Model SO26 stand-on mower

Grasshopper Model SO26 stand-on mower

Grasshopper released the Model SO26 stand-on mower, which features an Adjustable Command Center Tower providing 4.5 inches of range and easy accessibility to switches, levers and controls. The extra-wide, extra-thick pad provides all-day comfort for those who just can’t quit.

The EZ Deck Lift Lever allows for effortless adjustment of cutting height and the T-Drive transmission and engine are mounted on the deck, ensuring no damage to drive belts or engine components when raising or lowering the deck. The Anti-Slip Operator Platform’s shock-absorbent coil-spring suspension makes you feel like you’re floating on air while mowing even the toughest terrain. Since the operator platform is nestled between the drive tires, the “slingshot” effect is eliminated.

Choose between 52″ or 61″ extra-deep DuraMax decks, which enhance airflow to provide a clean cut. The SO26’s 810 cc OHV B&S Vanguard engine is matched for the transmission, deck and overall weight of the machine. Heavy-duty engine components provide enhanced power and reliability.

Maneuvering through tight spaces is a breeze, while the compact wheelbase provides incredible power-to-size ratio. The Grasshopper stand-on is designed with a low center of gravity for optimal traction and stability. The centralized location of the engine, T-Drive pump and dual fuel tanks lower the center of gravity within the stand-on. The 9.25-gallon fuel capacity allows users to refuel less often and mow up to 5.27 max acres per hour.

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