VP Racing Fuels announces new identity, launch of EcoGen ethanol-free gasoline

VP Racing Fuels has launched a new identity for the corporation, its products, and programs. VP will immediately begin transitioning to the “VP Racing” moniker as well as a refreshed logo.

“We are excited to announce an updated identity for VP,” says Alan Cerwick, VP Racing’s president and CEO. “This change is a better reflection of the vitality of our company and its ever-expanding product and service lines.”

The company points out that, for the past decade, it “has been charging into new areas of business and new product categories.” Over this time, VP has entered the motor oil market for performance/racing and passenger cars, outdoor equipment fuels, fuel additives, coolants, appearance products, jug containers, diesel contamination prevention products, UAV/UAS fuels, hand sanitizer and specialty chemicals. In addition, VP has branded nearly 400 gas stations, oil change centers, car washes and marinas.

“We are immensely proud that VP remains the global leader in racing fuels with more than 80 custom-formulated blends,” adds Cerwick. “However, we are clearly now much more than race fuel.”

VP Racing also has announced the launch of EcoGen, a family of ethanol-free gasolines with up to 10 percent renewable content. The company is initially launching the non-alcohol alternative to Ethanol and Butanol-based fuels for the Texas market this spring, with expansion into the southern Gulf States to follow.

EcoGen offers the following advantages, the company reports:

  • Improved fuel economy (higher energy content than standard pump gas);
  • Great for marine use (low water affinity);
  • Up to 10% renewable content;
  • Reduced tailpipe pollutant emissions;
  • Reduced carbon emissions; and
  • Friendly on fuel system components (no ethanol corrosion).

VP Racing notes that EcoGen is ideal for small engines such as lawn equipment; all power sports vehicles, ATVs/UTVs, jet skis and side-by-sides; high-performance cars and motorcycles; high-performance boats; and more.

“We are excited to launch this new innovation from VP,” says Cerwick. “With our experience in developing over 80 race fuels, our chemists applied their expertise to solving a problem and answering a need. Innovation is what VP is all about.”

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