Polaris Announces Shipment Of Electric Kinetic Ranger UTV Starting Soon

Polaris Inc., manufacturer of off-road and utility vehicles, announced it will begin shipments of its electric Ranger XP Kinetic vehicles to dealers this week for customer pickup. Polaris manufactures its fully electric Ranger XP Kinetic off-road vehicles at its manufacturing facility located in Huntsville, Alabama. Polaris plans to take additional orders on the electric UTV this summer.

“We have two sold,” said Mike Snide, of Pinnacleview Equipment in Walpole, N.H. “We had to pre-sell them (Kinetic Rangers) to get them. I don’t know when we will see ours. It could be a while or it could be next week. We have no idea.” Snide said that it’s “a little nerve-racking” to sell a vehicle that you have never seen yourself.

Polaris-Ranger-XP-Kinetic UTV
Polaris announces shipments of its electric Kinetic Ranger UTV to begin soon.

Polaris introduced the electric Kinetic Ranger utility vehicle in 2021. The company said it would begin shipments in the summer of 2022. OPE Business has not spoken with any dealers that did receive vehicles in that time.

“Since announcing our electrification efforts and partnership with Zero Motorcycles, it has been major milestone moments like today’s announcement that have motivated and driven our team to engineer and deliver category-redefining powersports vehicles,” said Steve Menneto, president of Off Road, Polaris in a press release statement. “The Ranger XP Kinetic demonstrates the game-changing performance advantages that an electric powertrain can provide, and we look forward to getting these vehicles into the hands of our dealers and consumers across the country.”

The Kinetic features an all-electric powertrain, engineered for off-road use through Polaris’ exclusive 10-year partnership with Zero Motorcycles. Polaris reports that the Kinetic features a class-leading 110 horsepower and 140 lb-ft of instant torque deliver maximum power and capability, including the ability to effortlessly tow up to 2,500lbs and haul an industry-best 1,250lbs. Its electric powertrain delivers smooth, precise control when operating at low speeds, so customers have full control while towing or backing up to a trailer, while the instantaneous torque also delivers quicker acceleration.

“We knew there would be interest for a performance-driven electric Ranger but selling out two hours after opening our initial order window for the XP Kinetic exceeded our expectations,” said Josh Hermes, vice president, Electric Vehicles for Off Road, Polaris. “Customers who ordered an XP Kinetic are going to experience firsthand the benefits that electric offers, and we will provide even more people with the opportunity to own the industry’s best-performing off-road utility vehicle when we take additional customer and dealer orders this summer.”

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