Delta-Q Technologies’ XV3300 battery charger is in full-scale production

Delta-Q Technologies, the Vancouver, Canada-based supplier of OEM battery-charging solutions for outdoor power equipment, industrial equipment and electric-drive vehicles, has announced that its XV3300 mid-power charger is now in full-scale production.

The highly efficient charging system integrates a 3.3 kW battery charger, a 500 W DC-DC converter to power the vehicles’ auxiliary loads, and an EV charging station interface. These key features, encased in a rugged IP67 design, is designed to provide OEMs with an attractive package for simplifying electrification of off-road applications.

“No other 3.3 kW charger on the market also includes a DC/DC converter for auxiliary DC loads and an EVSE charging interface in such a compact size,” says Mourad Chergui, senior product manager with Delta-Q. “As we start full-scale production, we can begin to fulfill the substantial demand we received since we first announced the initial development.”

The charging solution is available in 58.8-, 65- and 120-volt DC models and is scalable, allowing OEMs to stack up to three chargers for power levels up to 10 kW. The XV3300 uses complex algorithms to deliver a precise charge to batteries of various chemistries and voltages, maximizing battery life and optimizing charge time, reports Delta-Q.

Key features and benefits of the XV3300 charger include:

  • High reliability: Compact, rugged and IP67-rated, the XV3300 is tested for automotive-grade shock and vibration. Its fully sealed aluminum die-cast enclosure protects the charger from dust, liquids and the effects of immersion in up to one meter of water.
  • Enhanced protection: The XV3300 is a low-voltage charger that optimally charges all battery chemistries and nominal voltages between 48 V to 120 V. It’s also protected against short circuits, over-voltage and over-temperature to ensure safe operation.
  • Flexible power options: The XV3300 is scalable and can be paralleled to provide between 3.3 kW to 10 kW of power for faster-charging options. The charger is also available as an on-board and off-board charger, providing OEMs with additional flexibility.
  • Integrated DC-DC converter: It provides auxiliary power to operate vehicle accessories such as air-conditioners, controllers, lights, turn signals, navigation and communication devices. It eliminates the need for an external DC-DC converter, saving OEMs and equipment operators space and cost.
  • EV charging station interface: The XV3300 complies with SAE J1772 (levels 1 and 2) and IEC 61851 (modes 2 and 3) to charge from standard EVSE AC charging stations across North America and Europe. This feature provides end-users more charging options and greater vehicle flexibility.

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