Outdoor Kitchens as Year-round Spaces

Outdoor kitchens

The allure of outdoor kitchens is undeniable. However, many homeowners consider outdoor kitchens to be only a warm-weather investment. When used to its full potential, this space can be used year-round, providing ambiance for entertaining in every season.

If you’re unsure how to incorporate outdoor kitchens for fall and winter rituals, consider the following five tips from Architectural Digest to maximize outdoor kitchens year-round.

  1. Adding a roof or canopy
  2. Outdoor heaters
  3. Including a bar space in your layout
  4. Installing a firepit or fireplace
  5. Planting an autumnal garden

Of course, not all of these choices may be right for every home. Depending on your region and how the space is utilized, one simple adjustment may be all that is needed.

For in-depth insight into these five tips, read the full article by Amanda Lutz at architecturaldigest.com

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